What’s unalienable cannot be taken away or denied.

What’s unalienable is

not capable

of being taken away

or denied.

Still one of the greatest documents ever to be written, or ever will be, in all of history, indeed.

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

It is not only my right to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for my future security –IT IS MY DUTY.


No, you do not have the right to do what you have done to me. No, you are without legal right, you are without excuse, and without the consent of the governed to ever abuse those who employ you and seek to punish those who call out your crimes.

We have a right to alter or abolish any form of government that has become destructive to our lives, to our liberties, and yes, even destructive to our pursuit of happiness.

We have the right to throw off such government.

We have the right to establish new guards for our future security.

Understand that even the classification of information –IS A GROSS VIOLATION OF OUR INHERENT RIGHTS AND AN ACT THAT IS DESTRUCTIVE TO THESE ENDS. You do not have the right, you are without legal right to conceal evidence and protect treasonous individuals, corruption, and gross misconduct.

You have become destructive to our lives, to our liberties, and yes, even to our pursuit of happiness. The very act of withholding connection to those who employ you is worthy of significant and tangible consequences, not to mention gross human rights violations, willful and wanton conduct, the reckless endangerment of countless lives —you are impostors. You are accomplices. You are murderers. You are guilty of the most heinous crimes.

The tax slavery will end. You are traitors guilty of the highest treason against all.

No. If you are in a “secret society” or a Hollywood mogul, or a corporate rich guy, you do not have the right to behave criminally and usurp the authority of the governed, as consent and power has been allotted in measure to all –this equity cannot be swayed to negate the power of the many to suit the one with money who believes he should be deemed more.

You do not have the right to the tax dollars of all. We have a right to create incredible communities, our small portions coming together to create a large portion to build roads, landscapes, education, innovation and design, a flourishing marketplace. You do not have the right to launder the wealth of the nation away under the guise of “honorable causes” or so called “foreign aid” or charities. I don’t care how special you think you are because you were cast in some movies. I don’t care how special you think you are because you believe your genealogy is what it is. Even lineage is subject to time and chance and one twist of fate it would have been someone else sitting on a throne of bloodshed. Give me a break and get over yourself. All funding of so called “royals” should cease. Those who have been engineering serial mass murder should have all their assets seized and reparations made.

Unalienable rights are just that –incapable of being taken away and they can never be subject to the whims of the corrupt. They can NEVER be conditional –absolutely never.

This government was written to be something so incredibly powerful, because it was written to give the power to the people to establish a foundation of freedom. It is a design and business model that limits the government that the people might never be subject to the tyranny that those who wrote it were trying to escape from.

We cannot tolerate a government that has become a corrupt criminal organization with bought and paid for politicians. It is a circus. It is a fake store front. Common sense and common decency elude you because they do not support your corrupt narrative. We cannot tolerate a corrupt government that serves special interests and foreign hostile powers all for a buck and pays to write laws that are unlawful in order to support corruption laying a foundation for tyranny.

Understand that your rights are more powerful than the government because they were written to be so. In limiting the power of government our freedoms are protected. We need a government that honors human rights and is a platform to uphold the people to freedom, not a thing standing upon them to lift itself above them and above the law they bring down upon others.

What you have done to me and so many others is a national disgrace and a blemish on the history of this great nation. You are corrupt, inept, and unfit to lead in any capacity. You are criminals and significant and tangible consequences are warranted for the protection of all. Grace and mercy abound, but longsuffering is always tempered with justice that the merciless may be stopped so mercy might fall upon all.

You are a group of frauds. You are a group of criminals seeking to cover up your treason, and traitors looking to cover up acts of war by foreign hostile powers.

It is not only my right to alter or abolish any form of government that has become destructive to inherent rights, but it is my duty.

No, you will not abuse your power and seek to punish me for calling out your crimes.

What you’ve done to me is horrifying. How you’ve recklessly endangered countless lives you swore to protect and serve all for a sick game is horrifying. All of you who have been delaying in hopes I am murdered ought to rot in prison for your treason.

Disgusting, repugnant, there are not enough words. You can never take away what you’ve done to me. And you can never bring back the dead that died because of your failure to act honorably and in the face of irrefutable evidence.

Understand the very act of classifying information is destructive to our rights and freedoms, and violates our human rights. It is an act that threatens our future security and happiness. It is a design to protect criminal behavior.