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I slept the morning away. Nyquil has a way of doing that and I’m not complaining. But of course as I was asleep I was not.

I heard a multitude of things like clips from news reels. Then I heard very clearly coming from the night sky: “You are who you say. We are here to help you.” I heard this said three times. Each time it was in the deepest almost terrifying voice that in a way sounded automated or like someone was speaking into a translator. It was terrifying yet reassuring at the same time. It made me think of times when an angel appeared and the first thing they say as someone hits the floor: “fear not”. Even it is written: “The guards trembled in fear of him and became like dead men” when they saw an angel. They are not the chubby little things we see on Valentine’s Day cards. They are terrifying to behold.

Then I saw myself on a spring board, like a swimming pool diving platform. I leaped off of it and swam through the night sky. This too called my mind to the glyphs I was shown.

Just now as typing this to you I was shown the Father fastening a tie beneath my jaw that was to hold on a wizard hat, just as you would imagine –deep royal blue with stars all over it. He is so happy to put it on me and took it off really quick and started gobbling it up, yes the hat. Then one appeared and he put it back on me. He is playful and telling me that he is eating this up. He has been waiting for this time for so long.