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“We cannot let this get out.”

Understand, America, what is at stake. When I hear this the first thing I think of is a fork in the road. We are standing at a crossroads. We are at a tipping point in history. We either rush the gates and push for freedom, or we let them lay heavy in the sands of time taking root to never be overtaken.

Understand that those who are saying this are not acting in the best interest of America, every single citizen, soldier, and those the world over –they simply are not. Whether ignorant or corrupt they are not a voice of reason, but one of tyranny and a voice that speaks for an enemy of freedom, a threat to national security, and a menace to all of mankind.

No. It is accountability that is the platform for change. It is full disclosure that it the most powerful weapon to protect the people and secure a path to our future security and happiness —not cover up.

Understand that those vying for cover up are enemies of the state and a threat to freedom. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. No, the United States government is WITHOUT legal right to first act criminally, commit treason, and then call it classified. The United States government does not have the consent of the governed to conceal the business of America that affects all. The very act of classifying information is against the people. Don’t be naive. It is destructive to our freedoms. They are without legal right to do so. What employee conceals the workings of a business from the employer? The one acting criminally. No, it is not in the interest of the people to have a government violating human rights and then covering it up. Classification is only in the interest of the corrupt.

We The People, must stand against corrupt politicians that are really employed by foreign hostile powers. Open your eyes and take a good look at the ones saying, “we must keep this a secret.” They are enemies of the state and a threat to our future security and happiness.

It is time to stick our fist out and run the train through with a power from on high.