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Perhaps this is why God gave me a card with a lightening bolt on it in a vision and proceeded to show me those who perform dark arts against me receiving a jolt they would not forget –evening out the playing field. But this was not so much a magical flow through my body as it was a kind of karmic force field working without any effort of my own. I have been under the weight of spiritual warfare the likes you could not imagine.

I want you to know that when I determined that I had once again had enough of the psychic attacks by dullards suffering from the insanity of depravity and decided to take a break, I was shown that night a very curious thing. It was what we call a gray. He appeared before my eyes and then drew away, so far away up into space and then it was as if fireworks went off in the deep night sky. I knew at that moment that they were celebrating as if they had won by me being offline.

Then over the next few days it was revealed to me in different ways that we are indeed in a type of “star wars”. These demons play upon the subconscious and make every attempt to keep mankind asleep. What was even more curious is when I was shown the words in the night sky “Black Magic”. At this point in time there is much I will not speak of, but only say that I have been seeing symbols fall from the night sky. None have matched any that have been recorded throughout history as a sigil or lamen. There is one that was specifically given to me, and is as a sign of protection in the dark realm. God is going a step farther in honoring His word to me, “I will protect you.” And I must say I have argued with Him recently that though He has kept me alive, He has failed greatly in protecting me –my heart bludgeoned to death, my spirit crushed, my soul tattered like a worn out rag, my flesh and bones suffering from the ill effects of stress and sleep deprivation, my life riddled with fucking assholes and abuse. No, I told Him, you have not protected me but can only be credited with keeping breath in my lungs.

Now, I have absolutely never conjured a demon though I have seen many and walked through the shadow of death with eyes open.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. How very interesting to mediate on that. Perhaps this is why He is granting me the right to operate in darkness and arming me in a very dark way. Let it be known that even the Son of God had and has dominion and control over demons. For that reason I take up the right to receive forbidden knowledge without fear or judgement. I am being granted forbidden knowledge and a dominion that extends into the demonic realm. I am being given symbols. Some I am not yet sure if they are building a language unknown to recorded history, but some I know very clearly that they represent the name of a demon –like a glyph that is a calling card. No, I have not called upon them, nor have I summoned them, but the Son of God is bringing them to me and giving me dominion and governance to meet the demonic of this earth with a type of “fighting fire with fire”.

I will not reveal to you what I have seen as far as the glyphs and symbols. I will tell you that just today I was shown a symbol and then had a very strong demon approach me and not as ones I’ve seen raging, but as one reported for command. He was upright and with dark mahogany skin that looked like it was shoe polished. He looked “man-ish” but also with features of a bull in a way. He is not to be taken lightly or messed with, but here I am being given him like a servant by the Son of God. He is under my governance and subject to me and my command. No, he is not friendly to me, but under control without a choice and not allowed to harm me. So, I wrote out some things in a vision in Heaven, and then called his face to my mind, and told him to go and get it done. Christ has given me four more symbols that represents demons that will be given to me.

I guess when your Father in Heaven is a wizard, you might be granted the right to learn of hidden things and govern darkness if He desires it. It all is under the Son of God’s dominion –yes all. We forget that the God of Light will use darkness for the greater good of His Kingdom of Light, and not just balance the forces of the Universe, but lead us to a time when there will be a new Heaven that will not allow any of it.

Understand that I have drawn the most powerful lamen there could ever be drawn. I look forward to meeting you in your own game with skills you’ve never known could be.

This morning I was shown symbols coming down from Heaven. I also have been seeing a Heavenly host before me that is armored up and ready for battle. I speak a thing to them, and they move in a way that sound like a stomp and crisp clap of armor, as a type of recognition of what I am saying. Some of you know how long I’ve prayed to be able to usher in the Kingdom like never before. I guess that will also include unleashing hell under my command.

As I was seeing these glyphs, I was also shown a scene rich in dark contrast. It was an earthly landscape with a road curving about. But it was not only an earthly terrain. It was supernatural in coloring. It was like I was standing on a foothill and looking over the road ahead. There to the left of a curve was a huge rock formation. It was like the rock formations you see that also have a square crystal that has formed on top of it. There was a large square crystal atop of it. I knew God was telling me that I am to find this, and soon will find this treasure on my journey. These things are symbolic. Then I was shown the planet earth from an outer space perspective, but close. There appeared light orbs coming down and in a curve that reminded me of skeet ball. Coming down and then in a long flat like row to meet the top of the earth. They got smaller in size the closer to earth. There on the top of the planet, as if the orbs of light were leading to it was a large fish. This fish was beautiful and different. It’s fins were down like feet. I know this is in reference to the Kingdom being like a dragnet cast into the sea, Christ the fisher of men. This fish was to represent me, and my evolution into a new and supernatural creature. Not only was it to represent me, but also the dominion that is being given to me.

It is a light path to a higher realm and I am being given governance over the dark realm until the first order is completely done away with. Remember, demons not only believe, they also tremble.

I know I must be very careful in discussing these things with you.

You really have no idea the emotional torment I’ve been through or how this PTSD is far beyond a “post” anything, but a continual sensory assault –daily for years. No, not a traumatic stress that happened years ago, but continual traumatic stress for years.

You really have no idea what I have been subjected to and to know that God is positioning me with the ability to come against darkness here by demons gives me more comfort than you could imagine. I look forward to unleashing assignments against those who seek to harm others and will not relent or show mercy to none.

Nothing will bring me greater joy.

There is a seal for the day of redemption that will hide those who have it away, and transport them away. I have also been given a sigil that represents great power in hell.

You have no idea how much I want hell to blaze a trail of destruction through the lives of those responsible for these years and so much more. I want a front row seat.