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I want to tell you of a thing I saw. I am more than a dream receiver from Heaven, a conduit for future scenes. I am also communicating with the Universe and am on a journey, a life path. He, the Father from whom all things originated and flows, has allowed me to see great and mysterious things. He is the revealer of secrets. The Son spoke of nothing that the Father did not reveal to Him. All things subjected, put under the feet of the Messiah, there are still many things He does not know, but only the Father. He is a wizard. He put us under the spell. He cast the law that cast the shadow. He is the man of lawlessness breaking His own law in order to conquer death. So, understand that the I AM, is US, God in the Flesh, an evolution of thought and a God destroying Himself that we all might rise in love without judgement to become the perfect expression of Self Existence. There is so much that can be said.

He shows pictures of me to myself representing myself in different ways. The same night I saw the sunburst in a mural on an outside wall of a building burst out and light up the top of a tree, I was also shown myself as a deer with very large antlers. Antlers, horns, they represent a type of crown and power. I was shown myself as a deer and the light came and lit up my antlers. They flashed with brilliant light but not only light. They were filled with ornate decorations.

I am learning to not be afraid to be different in a dull world, but to explode with evolution of thought.

The night before last I was shown an E.T., and no, not like the gray’s. This E.T. is like the one depicted in the actual movie. I have seen some that look like the one in the movie, but they are malevolent. This one I saw the other night was a likeness similar to them, but he appeared in the night sky in a soft pink glow. He appeared friendly and had a crown of stars encircling his head. I have to wonder how those of the Universe, and yes even deceased humans that did not attain to glory but lost their identity not being found in the Man, the Savior of all, are also subject to evolution.

I get to learn of this Universe, all the planets, and even the Higher Realm. A few moments before writing this to you, my beloved Light friends, I said out loud, “Thank you, Papa, for all things.” I saw a malevolent spirit charge at me to cause suffering in my mind –a type of ghost. Then I saw the Father, no not a work angel, but the hand of the Father reach down, grab it by the scruff and yank it away from me. Then I was shown myself putting on a backpack. I was full of joy for the trek ahead and thankful for the journey. I get to enjoy the journey, no longer attacked by the warfare of the realms.

I bring to your remembrance the deeds and acts of these years that bear witness to and give credibility to my spiritual insights and gifts. Those acts that were performed all over the world, intercepting terror, they have positioned me amongst many with a credibility that what I release should be taken and received with recognition.

So it is with a season of miracles. They are acts to call attention to the credibility of a message and position a planet for more.