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You are not ready for truth. You are not ready for what I see is out there, not ready to know what is even really happening here. I keep telling myself that what I am going through is because I was meant for this time. But I have got to wake up to the truth that none of you care about waking up to what is real. No matter the arena, spiritual or secular, there is not a single one that cares to know any portion of truth that might shatter their illusion. We are walking dead and asleep in our subconscious minds.

You are so afraid. Some of you are terrified of, of all things, me. I am not entering your mind by will. You are being made known to me by the Spirit. It is governed. And though so much of the time others are made known to me for my protection and to keep you from murdering me, many times it is for those who are harmless and for me to touch you spiritually and help you with a fear that is hurtful to your tender inner self. I feel the only thing to do is to shift to a type of life where I am only speaking to people who actively have sought someone to talk to, giving me permission with a willing spirit –a type of in-person, sought out, counsel.

I cannot keep trying with you and then feeling all the psychic attacks. Maybe when I block all of it out, all of you out, I will then be able to see those who are of a different kind of spirit and I will be able to find a collection of sincere people who want to know.

I know I keep having this conversation with you, and then keep trying. But it remains the same and I keep realizing, why am I trying with you?

There is no trying to save the world. I understand that now. I understand that it is a horrific place. There is only the picture of those with like minds finding there way to a gathering place and creating a culture of peace and evolution in such a way that it grows and the more it grows the more the shift will happen.

You are a hostile planet.

You were given keys long ago and there have been setbacks given to you to protect the Universe from your horror and allow you time to unlock your minds.

A Universal Marketplace? You cannot even tell the truth publicly. You cannot even act privately against criminals actively harming others. You cannot even act privately. You seek to protect monsters and then abuse those trying to end horrors. What is wrong with you? I don’t believe there is anything left to do with you. Those that proclaim to love God hate the truth of who He is and would rather live their version of a lie than walk in truth. Those that don’t believe in God tend to be more moral than those that do. Those that worship satan are the biggest jokes worshiping something they cannot understand. And all of you believe you are entitled to harm others if your dogma can be twisted just enough to support your lust for power.

I spent last night in a flow of non-stop visions. I care not to tell any of it to you. Not to mention some of it is beyond your ability to accept. It is true that those who tell the truth will always be hated by society.

I keep pushing myself. I keep telling myself that I am here for a purpose. The truth is that so many have been here for a purpose, rejected, and the world goes on in its reign of terror.

You are going to have to come to terms with the truth of the United States of America –yes the one that has tried to murder me for six years. You are going to have to accept that it is a fake store front. Maybe you can balls up just enough to accept that facing the truth will actually allow you to rebuild a true version, but pretending out of pride only protects the corruption. You are going to have to accept that your party politics were designed for nothing other than to divide and conquer by a hidden power that keeps you deluded and fighting while they funnel out the money. You are deluded. It is devised by a hidden group that is cunning and knows the effect of pride on the mind. It is the same group that has been terrorizing this planet for centuries. Hitler was not a random bad guy, and Germany was the same type of group as America —being brainwashed. It was a large hidden group behind that war. It is a hidden group that has puppets placed everywhere. It is all about money and for some it is about a sick desire to murder. They package it up in this oh so forward fancy elite thinking called “population control.” They understand the effect that pride has on the mind. This is why even though they hate the idea of God, they love religion and they have puppets placed in religions who incite tension for war all for a buck. They often times pretend to be religious and attend ceremonies, services, whatever you want to call them. Climate change is a “Royal” shit show. Who needs to tax tea when you can make them believe they are not “cool” if they don’t believe in climate change and give you billions of dollars every year? And it’s so easy to bully all into an ideology when you have a storm boat that creates hurricanes and created fires devastating the earth all over.

My Foreign Policy?

  • The sovereignty of nations.
  • Seek the highest good of all.
  • First create a sustainable prosperous business model, then lend a hand to others to get established.

There should be no “global” power that has no loyalty to anyone, undermining the sovereignty of nations, seeking world domination, murdering for profit, and devastating the planet while laundering the wealth of nations away.

America should

  • Cease all purchasing of foreign oil
  • Cease all foreign “aid”
  • Dissolve political bands with the UN
  • Drill for oil here until we are no longer oil dependent. Do you know many “protesters for the environment” are only paid for by foreign interests to keep the dollars flowing their way?
  • Shift the focus of the IRS to strictly guard the wealth of the nation and balance the budget, removing the aspect of “money” from the hands of politicians
  • Establish state level “irs” that will seek the interest of the people of that state

America needs to dissolve the political bands that have tied us to tyranny and severely enforce consequences for those traitors in office that are guilty of the highest treason against the people. It is a government of the people. America needs to rebuild the country, end homelessness, end the housing crisis, create an incredible landscape of education, innovation, and design. The traitors that are sending billions upon billions every year to “foreign aid” that is nothing more than tax slavery in disguise belong in prison for LIFE. It makes me sick when these traitors send mass amounts of the country’s wealth away and then talk about how your social security benefits are going to end and people are going to have to start working until they’re 80. It’s unbelievable. And the people are so brainwashed and so stupid. You are working to double billionaire bank accounts while America turns into a medieval European shit show. We have a right to pay taxes and to build our communities. Yes, We the People, do have that right. It is to be a system of the people, for the people, and by the people. It is to be a system that sustains the people. That is not socialism. That is the intended purpose of taxation –a small amount by all coming together to form a large amount to build communities. Socialism is giving all your money to the government and letting them tell you what portion you get. It is to truly be a capitalistic society that fosters creativity and innovation, small business, and a flourishing marketplace. They try to make it out that you are in this capitalistic construct, but the truth is we are under the illusion of it. We are really under a socialist construct and a hidden tax slavery. Cut funding to schools, and programs, threaten social security, have these ridiculous conversations about raising minimum wage as if that is the solution, have a healthcare marketplace that has astronomical premiums and out of pocket expenses —Don’t get me started on the FDA.

End party politics. Stop trying to micromanage people’s lives. Seek the greatest policies that uphold freedom and prosperity. We have a government that is fighting for special interests and the control of your wealth, your tax dollars. Remove this component from the federal government. No politician should EVER be in charge of the money or balancing a budget. The states should establish the budget that the federal government will get while strictly governing the wealth of those they are watching over. No politician should ever be dealing with money of the nation.

This is the first step in developing a rich and thriving country that eradicates homelessness, ends the housing crises, develops an education system that is thriving with creative arts and trade specialties. And all of this goes to support a flourishing marketplace of innovation and design, small business, landscape and architecture that is beautiful. You are being played. We will find that we become communities that are self sustaining fountains, but more than that. We will find ourselves creating and cultivating an atmosphere that is advancing. Billions upon billions every year laundered away under the guise of honorable causes that is nothing more than a sick fake store front for a criminal group. The democrat party is the party of choice for this sick hidden shadow government that serves the interests of the global elites. But don’t be stupid, many on the other side serve it too. It is all a big joke and a smokescreen.

It is one thing to willfully be a corrupt murderous monster, you are what you are and you need to be dealt with, but I will never understand those who want to “pretend” out of pride, those who cannot look at truth and would rather contend for a fake store front and pretend the shit show is not there because they cannot handle that the truth of their illusion is that they are living a lie. People would rather choose to continue on in a lie out of pride, than rejoice that the truth set them free from the facade.

Do you know what’s destroying the face of America to the rest of the world? The foolishness of those trying to pretend it is not a building on fire. The greatest thing for the reputation of America is to have men and women of integrity take a stand before the entire world and say, “this has been made known to us, and we are actively working to end it.” Accountability is the platform for change. Covering up treason and horror to try and save face only makes you look weak and inept. True leaders aren’t afraid of truth. True leaders do not cover up crime or put on airs. They see a problem and aren’t afraid of accountability that will effect positive change. They seek the highest good of all, not the perpetuation of a fake store front out of pride.

The American people should be outraged at what has been going on. It is so serious that we should be going to a civil war here to take down this horrific sold out government full of traitors.

On a side note, I had to try this Mexican tea just because it is called Cerebro-L.

I think I’ll keep the packaging and use it as a book marker.

I cannot keep trying with you and then feeling all the psychic attacks. Maybe when I block all of it out, all of you out, I will then be able to see those who are of a different kind of spirit and I will be able to find a collection of sincere people who want to know.