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I imagine the time of healing that He says I will have will be a place where I feel hidden. I will feel hidden. I will feel safe. I will feel secluded. And if I don’t want to leave it, I don’t have to. And If I am not feeling well, or seeing incredible visions, then I can protect my spirit with a self care that is not yet defined for the supernatural. I will feel Presence. I imagine He will not keep it from me much longer. If I was to learn darkness and the state of depravity that abides in so many, then success, I’ve learned it. I want to move on to a time of seclusion that I might find rest and be set free from this horror. I imagine in that place is where I will find restoration, rest and healing. And I imagine in that place I will also find myself doing things that I’ve longed to do. Things of inheritance and petitions that He adored. I will gladly give up interaction with the world just to abide with Him in a secret place and do things that defy understanding and break the laws of physics.

I want a time of healing and restoration from all the horror and terror and PTSD, and harassment, and a time of rest that is like a night of sound sleep after six years of sleepless nightmare.

I will never have space for those who want to make these years out to be something they were not. You are horrible people and you will not ever be allowed in. Once God allows me to transition into that secluded time, I will protect it and never allow any of you in to once again open wounds that were healed.