You are not just and neither do you have consent.

I guarantee you 100%, you do not want me in court.

Get off my blog. Cease and desist from hindering it, manipulating stats and withholding earnings that are due. Cease and desist from withholding connection and intentionally using my life as bait and intentionally seeking to emotionally and psychologically torture me by withholding connection. Cease and desist from attempting to murder me.

You are without legal right and committing serious criminal acts and gross human rights violations.

Cease and desist.

I have a right to call out your crimes. I have a right to call out corruption. I have a right to defend the nation. I have a right to prevent atrocities all over the world. I have a right to defend myself and my children.

You, on the other hand, are without legal right to act criminally and without legal right to violate anyone’s human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is my right. It is my duty, to throw off such a government. You are impostors and ignorant of common sense of the law because it does not support your corruption and treason against the nation. It’s not even that you’ve forgotten who you are. It’s that you never knew what you were supposed to be. Ignorant, unjust, criminal, and an embarrassment before the entire world.