Image from Angelic Roots .com

Most tenderly with all sincerity, my deepest prayer as an empath is to have compassion for those who lack all compassion. There must be balance. There must. Kindness never implies the tolerance of harmful behavior or abuse. Kindness holds accountable while holding space for one to grow. This is how we honor all as ‘redeemable’ while also enforcing boundaries to protect all from those who harm.

I pray for balance. I pray for compassion while thrown in the trenches of war. I pray. Accountability is the platform for change. There must be accountability to effect change and for the protection of all.

I understand and I acknowledge that so many do not understand the reality I live in. All I ask is that others might acknowledge that I live in a different reality though they don’t understand it and cannot grasp it. You don’t have to understand something to acknowledge it or appreciate it. It is different. I don’t believe it can be fully known unless experienced. I am not sure if I can ever fully explain the intensity.

There must be balance.