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This morning was an odd series of images and sounds as I awoke. I heard that sound, the little tune that plays when your computer shuts down. Then shortly thereafter I saw in a dark void lightening striking across the top of the view horizontally and then so quickly, all at once as it went across, it also struck lightening below –several bolts coming down from the one above like a curtain of lightening bolts. Then I saw that out of one bolt there was a hideous demon that formed out of it, and it wasn’t that he formed out of it but that he came through it.

I am not sure what all this means, but know that if I am not on here anymore it is because the demonic of this world have done something.

It is interesting that the satanic believe they are some rebel freedom group, but in reality they are the most constrained of all believing that freedom is entitlement to oppress and harm. At the core of their existence is what guides them and it is this: “I want and I don’t care what I do to get or who I harm and press down to stay in power.” As much as they want to put forth the appearance that satanism is about free will and humanism that is a construct allowing others to exercise free will without religious constraints, the truth is is that it is a group that believes free will entitles them to harm and oppress and get whatever they want no matter the cost to all.

As much as they try to proclaim it, and even if there are those mingled in that adhere to it, it is not a collective that abides by “live and let live.” Remember: Whether religious, secular –or satanic, any group that believes they are entitled to harm is a threat to all.

Spiritually we are engaged in a great war that eludes the senses for most. It is beyond what you can imagine and is going on all around us.

It manifests in the secular in many ways and we are battling it. We must end the social construct of oppression that was put into play so long ago by demonic forces and those who choose the demonic over freedom. It is a nature that wants to govern in lesser powers and many adopt the doctrine of it out of greed, not caring who they oppress and harm.

These things must end and we must fight to end them:

  • Tax Slavery. We are under a false perception of capitalism, but really under a socialist construct put into play centuries ago by a satanic elite group. With “groomed” politicians and “descendants” of this group creating a fake store front for the American public, and while they fight each other in divide and conquer politics the shadow government creates war for profit, subjects the people to created outbreaks and engineered storms, quakes and fires, all for profit and population control agendas, and this tax slavery that the American people would NEVER agree to goes on under our noses through the fake store front of “foreign aid” and so called “honorable causes”. Year after year, billions upon billions of tax dollars are laundered through our government to billionaire elites pulling the strings. They do not care who they murder. They do not care who they devastate. They do not care who they harm, inflict, or destroy. While you foolishly bicker over party politics and stroke your pride to root for an illusion, the wealth of the nation is drained to an enormous deficit while foreign hostile powers that murder us double their billionaire bank accounts and continue to ravage and suffer innocent peoples all over the world.

End the tax slavery. Shift the focus of the IRS to monitor the government and create the INTENDED purpose of taxation. EACH STATE needs to have their OWN STATE LEVEL “IRS” that is answerable to the people and will strictly govern the wealth of that state and what is allotted to the federal government. It is NOT to be a socialist construct for a system that creates extreme wealth for a few while pushing down the many. It is a design to create culture and society by a small amount given by all coming together to create a large amount that builds communities, enriches schools, bolsters marketplaces of innovation and design. It is to be a fountain for all, not a drain of the wealth of a nation by the satanic elite that believe they are entitled to it and entitled to murder you at will.

We have a right to pay taxes. We have a right to pay taxes and create community. Isn’t it something that the same politicians who are “groomed” to serve foreign interests are the same ones talking about how YOUR social security will end in a few years. The same ones signing the documents and stamping them approved to send billions upon billions of YOUR tax dollars every year are the same ones talking about how you are going to have to work till you are 80 before benefiting from a lifetime of paying into a system.

They are traitors. It is treason against the entire country.

  • End tax slavery
  • Cease all foreign aid.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that America should be sending billions of dollars over seas. NONE. The European Royals, the Saudi Royals, and not to mention the Vatican alone has more than enough to rebuild that side of the planet 10 times over. You are being played.

End the tax slavery, cease all so called “foreign aid” and so called “honorable causes”.

  • End tax slavery.
  • Cease all foreign aid.
  • Create State level “fountains” of sustainability, wealth, innovation, design, education, culture –end homelessness, foreclosure, and the housing crisis.
  • Restore social security.
  • Restore the Health insurance marketplace.
  • End party politics.
  • End war for profit.
  • End population control.
  • End engineered storms, quakes and fires.
  • End oppression.

Dissolve the political bands that have tied us to tyranny. Establish new guards to secure our future safety and happiness. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

No they do not have a right to do what they have done to me. They are a corrupt, criminal entity. It is not our government. They serve the interests of foreign hostile powers. We need leaders who will stand for the least of these, not impostors that lie down for foreign hostile powers. It is treason. They are traitors. It is a fake store front.

Remember: Whether religious, secular –or satanic, any group that believes they are entitled to murder, harm, oppress, or take, is a threat to freedom and a threat to all.

No, they do not have the right to force me offline. No, they do not have the right to do anything concerning my life without first obtaining my consent. And understand a very important truth: They do not have the right to “classify” information. Understand this truth: The classification of information is NOT a thing to “protect” the masses. It is a thing to protect criminal behavior and corruption. It is a thing to protect and cover up horrors and illegal activity by this corrupt institution we call the United States of America.

Whenever ANY form of government becomes destructive to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

They are without legal right.

But I am within my legal right.

Their criminal actions are not justifiable in any way.