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Dreams – Spiritual Protection – Purification – Becoming a Beacon of Light.

-The Book of Stones.

Wind — The Breath of the Spirit and the invisible attribute manifested by things touched, Presence known by things effected and moved.

We are safe to surrender to the weight of the moment that we might know the intended purpose of it and what it is to produce.

“Man puts an end to the darkness; he probes the farthest recesses for ore in deepest darkness. Far from human habitation he cuts a shaft in places forgotten by the foot of man. Far from men he dangles and sways. Food may come from the earth, but from below it is transformed as by fire.… Its rocks are the source of sapphires, containing flecks of gold. No bird of prey knows that path; no falcon’s eye has seen it. Proud beasts have never trodden it; no lion has ever prowled over it.” –Job 28.

The Kingdom is within and it is a journey only you can take for yourself. No one can traverse it for you. I have come full circle. No falcon’s eye has seen it. It is only for mankind. No proud beast has ever trodden it. It is a path only for the humble who are brave enough to look at self. There where we find the treasures within there is no devil prowling about looking to devour.

True idolatry has nothing to to with the tangible. It has everything to do with the moment we became “as gods” knowing good and evil. Idolatry is becoming a god before Him that we might rule as a god in judgement over self and others.

A judgement free planet is not anarchy and chaos. That is what we have now with an atmosphere of fear. It is a picture of freedom that has the healthy boundaries that protect all to be and be in a way that is free from oppression and harm. Without spiritual law we are still relational and accountable to each other. Healthy boundaries are paramount in a free society. It is a system of honor. You are safe to be you. I am safe to be me. My rights end where yours begin, and your rights end where mine begin. I am safe to be me. I am safe to swing my arms around, but not within your space to cause you injury. We are all safe to be. But that freedom never implies the freedom to harm. In a judgement free society healthy boundaries are paramount. They are necessary to protect all in the freedom to be.