Today I woke up thinking about acorns. I even did a search when I got to work and clicked on acorns and left that tab open all day. Every day that I go for walks on my breaks I always look for them because I want to collect a jar full to go on my desk next to the pine cones I’ve collected. But every time they are eaten up. The squirrels from the nearby river eat them up I think before they hit the ground. I never find one intact, just empty broken shells.

Then today when all I could think about was acorns, I go out for a walk in the afternoon and I find this little thing. I could not believe it. All around it broken shells and there it was. It has got to be the cutest acorn I’ve ever seen. It’s so short with a ball on top of it’s large cap, looking like it needs to grow into it.

These are the little Spirit messages that Jesus gives me and they make me so happy. Here is a side view and close up. I put the pen next to it so you could see how small it is next to the pen cap.

It seriously is the cutest little acorn ever and it made my day —But, do you know what really made my day? Yesterday when Jesus showed me a vision of Him and He had the rocks that I placed in the bowl in His hand. It was like they were all stuck together and stayed in the pattern they are in. He was holding and moving it around in a way that made me think of someone spinning around a baton.

You have no idea how special that was to me, to see Him smiling and acknowledging my prayer to Him. I wonder what He is going to do with them.