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It is difficult to perceive in the Spirit, see future timelines, speak about it and have each perceive it through their own lenses and relate it to their own experiences rather than the intended meaning of the message. I’ve been asking for wisdom to better communicate, but I don’t believe this will ever be remedied. Nevertheless, I hope to relay messages and let them fall where they may.

I have two very different things pressing upon my heart this morning.

  1. Let no man put asunder. But when God brings His hand down to slice through binding fabric that He placed in the Spirit, then He has determined it. He is not any man. I am saying this because I am perceiving many concerning this situation that was a God breathed path for the future –it is no longer such a thing. It is time for all to let it go and move on in a different direction. There is no pressing on together. There is only the parting of ways. I am saying this because it is important for you to know that when a thing is no longer honored by God, it will reap disaster if one tries to force it with their own hand. I do not want it and it is more than that. It is the truth that He is no longer willing. You will not be apart of this destiny. You will have to press on and press into Him to find your path. That future timeline will never happen. It was a supernatural bond that was unique and intended for an extraordinary destiny. You despised and treated it as something of no value. Sometimes when we make our bed we have to lie in it even if it was only ever intended to be a worthless one night stand. I am tired of revisiting it. I have only asked to let it all be removed from memory. God has determined it and you must find your own path a part from mine. He gives, He takes away. He removed the supernatural bond. I will never have anything to do with you. Let everyone be blessed with grace to find their path, discover who they are, and what destiny might come to look like for them. Please go. You will never understand the depths of it because you’ve never known deep.
  2. Kingdom living and party pride. The two cannot go together. There comes a time when you must choose one or the other. It is not okay to choose party pride and ignore poor choices, corruption, criminal behavior, and treason. You are going to have to come to terms with what is a Godly vision for this country and what it does not look like. It does not look like a failed leader who cannot act with honor, ignores national security, covers up acts of war against the country in order to serve the interests of foreign hostile powers, and then creates a diversion to take the eyes off of it and targets another with the intent to appear strong and stoke the fires of pride to further protect his self and the treason he is committing. The failure to act in the face of threats to national security is astounding.