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Last night was a non-stop flow of images of various faces. They were unnatural. They were things you would not see. They were angry. They were demonic. They were not good. They were looking at me and I think I am actually seeing not only demons, but the demonic. There were several that I believe are actual people and that is how their spirit looks, or how they look in the spiritual realm. I feel like it was because of the Quiet Place trailer I posted.

Then this morning right before waking up, I was shown a very beautiful something. I was up close and I don’t know what it was, but it was moving. It looked the shape of these tiles but smaller. It was like an armor, or a skin. It reminded me of a shield. It felt protective. It was like scales. They were white, but almost clear and shimmering. They were something like iridescent. I feel like He was showing me Himself? Or perhaps the shield that is to protect me? It was beautiful.