I watched this trailer today and it reminded me of a vision I had a bit ago. I don’t know, a month or so ago, maybe two, three? I was shown the ground by the chain link fence out back at work. It blocks off the way down to the river. It was were I walk along the fence on my breaks. I stopped walking and saw a trip wire right in front of my feet.

I woke up, and I will tell you that it had been a rough few days, not to mention a rough six years. On top of it all, the difficulties at work and what they were doing to me was all feeling too heavy. Abuse, PTSD, harassment, being hunted and tortured, not a single moment twenty years ago, but a six year long emotional devastating assault emotionally, mentally, psychologically and even physically. Lack of sleep, stress…..

I laid in bed thinking about everything and how I could keep this vision to myself, when I see it, trip it. I went out there the next few days hoping to find it there waiting and be done with everything. I want you to know that I have days like that. I want you to know the huge battle I’m fighting while I am being forced to go through this ordeal and harassed and emotionally tortured as I go through it.

I never found that trip wire that I wanted to run through. I don’t know if it was never attempted or if someone caught it and dealt with it without me revealing the vision.

My heart is for people who suffer emotionally. I don’t want to have days like that and they are getting farther apart. I want to encourage others who may be going through a lot to hold out and ask for help. In my particular situation I do not have the luxury of reaching out for help. First, they would think I was crazy and not believe me. Secondly they would probably want to drug me or institutionalization me. They have known this, that this unique situation that is extraordinary would not be believed and that I’ve had no where to turn for support. And you know what? They thought it was funny and fun to manipulate and abuse, torment and torture. They loved doing it and could not wait for me to be murdered.

They thought it was funny that I had no one to turn to. They thought it was funny to watch me struggle and nearly be murdered –for six years. And while I was fighting for my life, they thought it was a great fun time to harass me at work and seek to gaslight me there.

I want you to know who they are and what they have done to me. Six years is no gaffe. This administration and the last need to be held accountable along with all those in the government that have been actively contending for delay and seeking to punish me for preventing terror and saving countless innocent lives. Understand who they are. It is a very sick fake store front for a criminal organization of serial mass murderer psychopaths.

Maybe knowing how I have been struggling emotionally is why God gave me a vision of His hands coming down like enormous, ENORMOUS, hands carved from stone. Bigger than any megalithic structure known to us– and it was only representative of His hands. I was standing out in a place and His hands came down extremely loud and landing so strong around me. Perhaps that was Him showing me that He was going to protect me regardless of me.

One thing is for sure, no matter how I feel about letting my own self be taken away, I have never withheld anything concerning the safety of others. The satanic cabal that controls Hollywood and the government should know by now that I will never be Quite, even though I long for a Quiet Place. If you have not learned that in the last 6 years, you are not only horrific depraved people, you are also halfwits.