Can you imagine ever KNOWING that someone is suffering tremendously internally and then intentionally seek to hurt that person or attempt to find any way possible to alarm them, provoke them…? Can you believe that there are such people who see a wound and can’t wait to punch it? Can you believe that there are people like that? Can you possibly grasp ever having an abusive spirit like that? Can you imagine ever knowing that someone has begged for a quiet place for years while being subjected to a hidden war and near death repeatedly, and then get off on finding ways to create the most noise ever just because you get off on abusing others? Mental depravity, a depraved nature, is a real heart problem. True mental illness is not a picture of the wounded. It is the picture of those doing the wounding. Understand that what the United States government has done to me for the last 6 years is without excuse, criminal, attempted murder, abusive, gross human rights violations, and that is the short list.


God is a place to heal. He wants to heal the wounded, bind up the brokenhearted. And He also wants to call all out of a depraved nature that is of fear. The truth of the bully is that they are without the Spirit of love and bound in a state of fear. Most of the time when someone sees opportunity to abuse or harass it is because their subconscious mind is in fear and thinks in this way: “If I punch others down, I won’t feel so badly about my self. If I can make someone else look bad, then I can soothe this fear that I might look bad. If I can make someone mess up, then I won’t feel so bad about how I mess up. I feel badly about my self, so if I make others feel badly about their self, I won’t feel so judged. It will even the playing field.” —and so on. No, this is not actually a thought process going through the conscious mind –usually. It is a deep sleepy thing happening a lot of the time.

The bully is the one most governed by fear. It is a thing we all must overcome. It is true that hurt people hurt people. But it is also true that there are strongholds that flow through people, families, and cultures. Most of the time ‘paying it forward’ looks like the passing off of wounds from one generation to the next like a DNA pattern. So much of the time the encoded pattern is, “I must strike first before I am hit.” It is of fear. Christ begins to teach us to take some punches for the other’s sake, but He also teaches us that Kindness does not tolerate abuse. There is grace. There is mercy. And there is healthy boundaries.

No, the United States government does not ever have the right to abuse or harass you in any way.

No, the United States government does not ever have the right to abuse or harass you in any way. They are without legal right to ever do so and committing the most serious criminal acts, and gross human rights violations. The biggest horror show is when government is corrupt and infiltrated by the depraved in spirit. The United States is intended to be different from the rest. Other places make no effort to hide tyranny and even have the verbiage of tyranny that limits freedom written in their creed. But the United States was an idea written to be something different. The rights of the people will always be more powerful than the government, even when their behavior suggests otherwise, because our rights were written that way.

No, the United States government does not ever have the right to abuse or harass you in any way. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. Enough said. Learn to recognize those in positions of power, whether this branch or that, who fight against freedom and in doing so are working to institute a system of tyranny that is without legal right and a thing to be dealt with swiftly.

We are either of the character that fights for freedom, or of the character that fights against it. You lack common sense and you lack common decency because they do not support your corrupt narrative. It is not so much that you are ignorant of common sense of the law, it is that you are corrupt and you are criminals that want to pretend it is not there.

I surely will bear witness.

The more we learn about it, the more we can begin to recognize a behavior in us and begin a self talk pattern to walk ourselves through it and let bad moments pass without succumbing to them. It won’t be easy. It won’t be perfect. But I do believe it will eventually get better and we can begin to dominate our mind with a truth of who we are that speaks a far better message to our hearts than the wounds that were put there.

God has showed me that PTSD comes in many different ways and with many different degrees and manifestations. We need healing. We are safe to acknowledge the act or situation was bad —-and here is the important part—- and acknowledge it through the lenses of truth that reveals to self, “it’s not your fault.” When we begin to remove the incorrect thought that abuse or an injustice is a thing that speaks to our value, we then cease to feel the situation with shame. The biggest tactic of the abusive is to keep the recipient in an incorrect belief system that is called “victim shaming”. As long as the abuser can hold the abused in a state of shame, they can avoid accountability and avoid the shame of what they have done.

We all need healing. We all need transformation. We all need to seek out the Spirit of love that we might become new creatures and no longer of this nature. We all have to overcome fear. For a long time mankind has been asleep, a veil upon the subconscious, throwing punches in the dark. We are afraid because we have first judged our self. Remember, we first judge our self and then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder.

Jesus is teaching me that forgiveness is not an approval of wrongs done. It is an act of releasing it that love might provide the balm to the wound. No, it does not imply connection. Many times the parting of ways is necessary, especially to establish healthy boundaries. He is also teaching me that as wrong as it is to victim shame as a way to avoid looking at self, it is equally destructive to remain in a state of victimhood that prevents self from stepping into true power and a healed state. Do not refuse to be comforted. Let Him touch your heart and do a thing in you to produce your highest expression that no one can take away from you.

For those of us pressing into the Light, we started a journey. It is one that acknowledges that we are something that needs to become a new creature. No one starts out a new creature. Be patient with yourself. We all are in a butterfly process. This is why it is written that Adam, or mankind, was put under a deep sleep. Why? So, that a Bride might be taken from His side while he slept. This is the picture of the Messiah on the cross and the Bride becoming known from the water and the blood that flowed from His side. Mankind had to sleep. It is written that had they known who He truly was, they would not have crucified Him. It was a set up that mankind might be set free from the bondage of decay. It is a butterfly destiny of immortality in the flesh, and evolution of “I Am.”

I say these things because I want all to find a solace in waking up.

Kindness never tolerates abuse. Kindness holds accountable while holding space for one to grow. This is our inherent value that all are redeemable. There will be mercy. There will be grace. There will be times to turn the other cheek, and there will be times to deliver a blow that will take down giants terrorizing the land. Unfortunately, there will be times that healthy boundaries look like putting others behind bars for the protection of all. Freedom never implies the freedom to harm others. Any group, whether religious, secular, or satanic, that believes they are entitled to harm, are a threat to freedom and a threat to all mankind.

No, the United States government does not have the right to abuse you, or harass you in any way. And neither do they have the right to recklessly endanger your life or look the other way while foreign hostile powers murder you in efforts to serve those powers rather than you, or efforts to perpetuate war for profit, or a sick population control agenda. No, the United States government does not have the right to withhold connection from you or twist your arm until you scream Uncle, then punish you for screaming. No, the United States government does not have the right to micromanage your life, intimidate, manipulate, or violate your human rights in any way. Never do they have the right to do these things. They are without legal right to do so and deserving of the most severe, the most significant and the most tangible consequences for such malign behavior.

You are corrupt. You are criminals. You are abusive. You murderous. You are destructive to freedom. You are guilty.