Something that God has placed upon my heart so long ago is to hopefully reach the hearts of those suffering from religious bounds. I always feel led and urged to speak to the freedom in the Spirit to point towards a time that God walked amongst us and that time was before any religious law. Remember, I came from a collective that would even forbid the reading of books –even books by Christian authors that did not think exactly like them were actually preached about from the pulpit and condemned. I find that I crave thoughts. We are entering the most amazing marketplace of thought. It is one where knowledge (γνῶσις) will be done away with, yet knowledge will abound all the more. Mysteries revealed will do away with the knowing of darkness, in that darkness is no longer partaken of. In doing away with that “knowing of good and evil” that is judgement, we find the morning star dawning upon our heart and we know all the more, but in a different way.

These feathers I have collected on my walks during breaks at work. I love finding them. I love setting an intention before God as a prayer, as an altar. This is on my desk at work. They are held up in a small bowl filled with frankincense bits, there are some pinecone seeds in there from those that opened while on my desk, a small acorn cap that is hard to see under the feathers, and a small arrow head made from carnelian stone. I typically pick up things like an acorn cap when I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to it because it holds a message. How sweet to reside with the Spirit in a place beyond imagination where no person can tell you what is or is not acceptable, allowable or possible. It is a very special calling that transcends this first order. Oh, I know, I know, you who are freaking out about germs on feathers. I’ve picked up feathers my whole life and not once got sick or died from it. But just so you know, I do wipe them down with disinfected wipes and let them dry. Perhaps the deep state satanic realm will leave me a special poisoned feather, or one with a unique man made virus, now that they know I like to pick them up. If the last six years were not fair warning enough, nothing will be. For some incredible reason that you cannot fathom until it happens, God has decided I will live through this horror show I’ve been living in.

I love spheres. They remind me of creation and power. Everything on my desk is there to set an intention and be as an altar before God. It is a prayer. It all means something. It is all symbolic. Even today while out and about when I was told I had a tiny baby feather stuck to my shirt at my waist, I could feel Him talking to me. He is playful. Where did that little feather come from? It came from Him. He surely will cover me with His pinions and there is a prediction in everything He does. We are safe to experience Him in a very unique way that does not fit in anyone’s box.

What is your practice?

Did you know that Amethyst is the 12th foundation stone of the city walls of the New Jerusalem? -Revelation 21. Do you see the Amethyst crystal in this picture sitting up in the tiny elevated red planter? After I had told you about the recent dream that was representing to me a construct of thought by those of this old collective and how they are building in vain, not understanding His true image, the next night I was shown the Son of God dressed in a fine suit and standing on the middle of a staircase. He had a single red rose in His hand and was holding it out to one of the preachers from there. This man was standing on the first few steps as one beginning to ascend the staircase. I was at the top looking down and watching. The Son of God was singing to Him. He was showing me how He wants to bring them to an upper room with acts of love. He was serenading him –inviting him to follow. An upper room symbolizes a realm of a higher place and a place of Higher thoughts –a Heavenly place that is above this base terrestrial plane that is of the natural.

What is my practice?

I feel like I want to absorb everything. It is like I cannot get enough. “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” –Philippians 4:8.

You know, sometimes I pick up a book and Jesus pinches His nose like “yuck”. When He does this I tend to pass it by since He thinks it will be a waist of time. Sometimes He says nothing to me. There are three books in here that when I got them I heard Him audibly say to me, “I like those.” It’s funny to me that they are books that I would have at one time been shamed for reading.

  • The Wisdom of Shamans
  • A Little Bit of Reiki
  • The Mastery of Love

This is not the first time that the Son of God has told me that He absolutely loves Don Miguel Ruiz, but this is the first time buying some books that He audibly said to me, “I like those.” My heart is for those stuck in the first order, whether claiming to be a Bride of the first dispensation or the second, none have ascended to where He has taken me in thought, though many are pressing into the most incredible truths. I do not say this to boast, but don’t we boast in Him. I say this because I want others to know that He is standing on a staircase singing ballads of love and wanting to not only set all free from errors in thought, but fear that keeps us in a natural state.

Here is my practice, and I find that the days when I carve out a bit of time to read a few pages, burn some incense or sage to set the room, play beautiful meditation music to help me meditate on things beyond my imagination, pray and set stones in an alter, that it helps me more than anything to push through the unimaginable stress that I have endured over these last six years. I find it hard to believe, still, that the United States government, my government, would have ever done to me what they have. Before this happened, if anyone would have told me that the United States government did this to them, I would not have believed them. I would have thought they were crazy. There was a time in my life that I would not have believed they are who they are. But they are. When I take this time to do these things it helps me deal with the post traumatic stress disorder that has damaged me in so many ways, and it helps me with the continued stress of facing it all alone. Post, present, and future. Yes, there are days that I want nothing more than for God to act in such a way that would be most significant and most tangible for the corrupt, heartless, and criminal traitors running this country.

I have always, for as long as I have remembered, loved scripture cards, prayer cards, or encouragement cards –little reminders, brief moments in busy days to focus and remind yourself of whatever is lovely. Recently I got these cards for myself to be like a provocation of thought, to keep my mind focused on being intentional. I find that when the day is like a ceremony with intentional movement it becomes a different kind of conversation. Everything becomes a prayer. When I got these and were looking at them and these three books, I heard the Son of God say: “Drink it all in, little one. Drink it all in deeply.”

God has done something with me concerning pictures. Seeing in pictures has at times been difficult to verbalize with a kind of auditory delay. I love pictures. I love being taken on a journey of thought that they hold. Concerning the ancient scriptures, I saw it in a picture before I could figure out how to say it.

  • Embracing the Future–“I step into the future with an open heart.”
  • Embarking on an Adventure –“I savor the wonders of the world.”
  • Dwelling in Truth –“I stand in the light of truth.”

My hope is to put into practice a life that is intentional every day. One that is ceremonial and ritualistic, but not in a religious way that holds judgement and fear. So, I am sitting here in my little spot on the floor where I sleep in a small space beside my girls’ bunk beds and I am going to read a few pages from each book while listening to meditative music, focusing my mind to hear Him while reading and then resting in all the ways I might think about the things I’ve read, praying and asking to go on a journey of His thoughts. I have a little light that clamps on the edge of their bed and random things like rocks placed about. Honestly, I could stay in this tiny space on the floor until my youngest who just turned 13 is 18. I love being in here with them and seeing them everyday.

There is so much to learn. The mysteries of the Universe are many. Where will we go in thought today? Where will we go in dreams tonight? Perhaps I will see more of the planet that the people have created a machine to create the look of constant storm to keep people from visiting? From what I can tell it doesn’t harm them. There is so much adventure to be had. I find that I feel thankful for the things that nearly destroyed my heart. They lead me around the bend to where I could see the magical creatures hiding from the religious.

Right beside me is an altar and a prayer.

Clear quartz, Lemurian quartz, Amethyst, clear apophyllite, girasol quartz, a triangle, an obelisk, and fairy stone that represents this realm, this terrestrial plane. This is a unique and powerful altar before God and it speaks a prayer to Him. It is one of Dominion over the lesser realm.

I cannot get enough of the metaphysical and the magical journey that is ahead. It is of a time long forgotten, a time of Heaven on Earth. It was a time without religion because it is forbidden by the One Law that governs Heaven. We are returning to that time.

I have a heart for those struggling with barriers, wounds, PTSD, and all those bound in forbidden thoughts that foster hell. We are safe to deprogram and experience the supernatural. We can daily do things to help us manage fears, anxieties, depressions, loss and the ill effects of abuse. We can gradually step towards healing. We can safely let go of anger while trusting that vengeance is His and that He will repay. It does not say that He might think about it. Whether we see it or not, God is not mocked and we reap what we sow. If you are like me and have endured betrayals, unjust abuse, or unspeakable horrors, I hope you will adventure with me in stepping towards a fierce life of forgiveness and adventure in the Spirit of Love. No, be at peace, forgiveness is not a type of accepting or approval of wrong. It is a release that we may be free and not bear the burden of the hurts no longer. I am not there. I am only looking at a goal and understanding what direction I want to go towards. We are safe to experience anger, and even God admittedly hates things. But we must acknowledge the act, the anger, the sadness, the terror, and the entitlement we have to feel, and then let the feelings go — like the flow of a river, so that we don’t become stagnate. Let it flow and let it carry all the debris from your soul. This is what I am trying to do until every day I take the garbage out and don’t let anything build up.