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What is the picture of a government for the people, of the people, and by the people supposed to look like?

Freedom can only be defined by where my rights end because yours begin, and where yours end because mine begin. It is a system of honor in freedom. Human rights can never be reduced to mere opinion that can be altered at the whim of corrupt and unjust individuals. It MUST be respected and it MUST be honored. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, whenever ANY form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or abolish it.

No, they do not have the right to threaten, intimidate, control, abuse or punish ANYONE who comes out as a whistle blower. They are without legal right to EVER act with such malign behavior. They are without legal right to first commit criminal acts and acts of treason and then seek to punish and destroy any who call it out. But WE are WITH legal right to come against them, call out their crimes and alter or abolish any form of government that is out of line and a threat to our freedom, safety and happiness.

No, they do not EVER have the right to abuse power –NEVER do they have the right to do so and our rights were written to ensure we would be more powerful than any institution put into play.

No, they do not have the right to micromanage ANY citizen’s life, seek to intimidate, control, or manipulate in any way. They are guilty of the most serious criminal offenses and deserve the most significant and tangible consequences that will effect change and be as an example before all. Accountability is the platform for change. It is needed for the protection of all.

They are impostors. It is a fake store front for a criminal organization. They are guilty of the highest treason against the country and guilty of gross human rights violations.

Cease and desist from your horrific behavior that is not only so unbecoming towards the great ideals of this country, but criminal and worthy of consequences.

Get off my job site — Cease and Desist from all attempts to harass through employees while you stand aloof and act foolishly.

Get off my blog –Cease and Desist from manipulating data to make it appear like no one is reading it in efforts to gaslight and psychologically manipulate, and Cease and Desist from withholding earnings from this blog that are rightfully mine.

You are without legal right to invade any citizen’s life and become destructive to their life, or their liberty, or their pursuit of happiness. You are without legal right and committing serious criminal acts that are deserving of the most severe, significant and tangible consequences. It is criminal and it is gross human rights violations.

You are inept. You are corrupt. You lack common sense and common decency and cannot understand common sense of the law because it does not support your corrupt narrative. You are impostors.

Cease and desist now.