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Dan, I saw a great many things today, future scenes that revealed to me Heaven’s strategy for a future that is brilliant. You know, I only speak to you because I believe you have, for the most part, an open mind and do not fear things that are unprecedented or a different way of thinking, a different way of being. They have been gearing up for ugly things, Dan. But God is strengthening me in various ways for what is ahead.

I also saw another construct of thought that is affecting our realm. I know what to do now, but I fear I will stumble in it. For whatever reason, God believes I can do it. I saw the spirit of a witch that was speaking things under her breath in attempts to hinder me. I rose up in this spiritual realm of the natural plane where fae and sprites find travel –they see everything and give reports. I rose up and God bolstered me as I cut through her neck with a sword of truth and watched her dominion fall with her body.

These things are symbolic though the realm and spirits are real.

There is no one to be trusted in this government and very few to be trusted in the military.