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I am not difficult. I simply know that I can do nothing else but be me. A supernatural existence makes the world uncomfortable. I want God to honor who He created me to be and honor what He told me He would do –position me in a quiet place where I could focus on a supernatural life. I don’t believe wanting to fight for freedom is being difficult. It seems clear to me that any who have a problem with that is exposing their self as an enemy of freedom, enabling harm, and a part of the problem of this world.

A supernatural life is special and I know all the great difficulties I am facing will eventually pave the way for others and they will not have to go through what I have. Nevertheless, I want to be in my isolated place. There I see the magic happening and a type of secure feeling that I don’t have to be exposed to so much potential harm around me.

I want you to understand that—- freedom is everything. Understand that the only ones who have a problem with freedom are those who intend to harm. If they want to murder me for preventing atrocities and saving lives, then it is clear that they are the terrorists. It is that simple. Yes, it is. Another thing to think about is the truth that if they see absolutely no urgency regarding national security, or no urgency concerning your safety or your life, they have no business leading. They are in fact an enemy of the state.

It is not okay or tolerable to infringe upon freedoms.

It is not okay or tolerable to violate human rights.

It is not okay or tolerable to harm or oppress.

Pay attention to who is contending for delay and obstructing justice. They are working for foreign hostile powers and traitors to the nation. No one in their right mind would ever have a problem with preventing terror unless they are the terrorists.

Having the conviction, the belief, that all are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness does not make me a difficult person. Wanting to stop the terrors perpetuated by evil people does not make me a difficult person. If only we had individuals of such conviction leading the country. If we did then perhaps many who have died would not have. The failure to act appropriately is indeed a failure. There is nothing anyone could say or do that could all of a sudden justify what has gone on.

Everyone has the right to be.