This morning I saw your heart, Tom, beating in your chest. I see things in this heart of yours that you do not know are there. It is adorable to me and I want to touch it with nothing else but a whisper.

Then I was shown a vision of Duane. He was beside you and rose up to be as big as a building and was putting his hand on you to push you down.

As goofy as I am, I’ve said a million times that I don’t play games and that is why I wanted a supernatural choosing. One with Godly insight, because it is an extraordinary journey ahead and Jesus can look at the heart beyond our abilities. And His picking one does not put down anyone else. We all are what we are and loved by God. I imagine the Rock is incredibly precious. But I tend to think that about most, especially when I am shown someone in a unique way through the lenses of Heaven. So, you understand that free will is a thing that belongs to all and even in God’s choosing one can decline. That is why I stand fully before an undressed window that all may know that I am what I am. I say this because I want you to know that I placed it all in God’s hands. When that happens there is no earthly persuasion. Destiny is what it is and I have let go of what it is to look like, but I also ask for Him to determine my steps.

Figure out who you are. Let everything else fall where it may. If I let myself I could fall in love with most anyone. Perhaps that is because all are lovable when given the chance to be loved.

Since I cannot bear falling in love with chance again and watching it take flight, I will leave you to your games while I press on to a calling that must be answered. Whatever the days reveal to be the truth of my timeline, I will embrace. But I will never embrace anything that attempts to deter me from destiny. I am most happy with the man of my dreams, Jesus the Son of God.