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Isn’t it something that as a county employee I was required to take disaster training, and I am required to be a disaster relief responder to assist the community in any way needed –yes, required. There is no “I don’t feel like it” or “I’ll pass, I don’t really like that person.” Kind of like how first responders see to a situation or need without bias or hesitation. But the United States Government on the other hand will abuse power, manipulate, seek to intimidate, refuse to help unless you do exactly what fits their corrupt narrative….. they watch you die, love to see you suffer and will not hesitate for one second to abuse you in any way shape or form and withhold connection, aid and help.

They are without legal right to do so and acting criminally.

Isn’t it something that corrupt criminal murderers guilty of the highest treason and reckless endangerment of countless lives want to balk at my language while I fight for my life as I am criminally hunted and abused for 6 years?

I will gladly see you go to prison. You are a joke.