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Do you know what happens when we tell the truth? We become powerful. We tear down strongholds and those things that have held us back as a race of beings from evolving into something better. When we tell the truth we destroy illusions. When we tell the truth we surpass ego to stare at self right in the face. It is only that view that we can begin to change what we see, not when we refuse to look. When we tell the truth we begin to protect the innocent that are harmed by the lies.

Accountability is the platform for change. Kindness does not pretend. It does not ignore suffering. Kindness holds accountable while holding space for one to grow. The greatest thing we can do as a country is admit that we have a serious problem and begin to work towards solutions. Having a fake store front out of pride is exactly what this criminal group wants to play on to keep the corruption going. Such with the nature of man, there will need to be consequences before all in order to effect change. When we cannot govern our self in such a way that honors the freedom of every individual, then we need stricter boundaries put upon us for the protection of all.

Mercy and justice are equally important. There is mercy in justice, in that it is merciful to hold those oppressive and murderous individuals accountable, because that act of justice to put them in bounds is mercy upon all the rest who have endured their unmerciful and unrelenting pursuit to harm.

There is a time for every purpose under heaven. There is a time to turn the other cheek, and there is a time to take the giants down that are terrorizing all. Turning the other cheek has nothing to do with ignoring suffering, abuse, and social injustice. When we are on our way and endure the bad behavior of another, allowing them grace to have a bad day, that is turning the other cheek. Ignoring the relentless oppression by groups that have harmed innocent people for centuries, is not turning the other cheek. It is enabling evil.

This is the time to take down giants.

We fight for freedom. We do not look the other way and allow a hidden shadow government inflict the world with suffering and death. That is not kindness. We are seeing this twisting come to play.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8

Loving mercy is not without acting justly. Many times it is the just act that shows the most mercy to all who are suffering from the problem. It is by the Spirit of God, the Most Holy Spirit, that we learn to discern. Discernment is not a spiritual judgement to condemn the person’s soul and set them on a course of earning their way out of hell or put them in the chains of religious debt. But physical earthly bounds are necessary for those who act out of the bounds of freedom that allow all to be. In view of their inherent value, we hold accountable while holding space for their own evolution to become more. This, many times, is not without physical boundaries and consequences to end the reign of terror and effect change, while giving justice where it is due.

We are serving a just God who is long suffering. Understand that long suffering is always tempered with justice. In long suffering towards those acting with bad behavior, He also hears the cries of the wounded and the suffering.

We will see many who have been a part of this group of warmongers and satanic secret club that has inflicted so much suffering with their very sick population control agenda begin to use scriptures to try and evade consequences that are due –trying to play on ‘mercy’ and how people should turn the other cheek. Treating others the way you want to be treated cannot be twisted into a false idea of kindness that ignores suffering. It is written that grace is not to be used as a vice. Understand that loving mercy many times looks like loving it so much that you must act justly towards those who have caused insurmountable suffering that mercy might finally fall on all who have endured so much at the hands of others that are without conscience and would continue on doing the deeds of terror and murder for centuries more if not put in check.

There is a difference between a sorrow that leads to repentance and a sorry for being caught.

The truth is that you would have gone on murdering and devastating countless innocent lives for hundreds and hundreds of more years if not found out.

Loving mercy is not without acting justly. And walking humbly with your God is to empty yourself and allow Him to decide where mercy will fall, and where justice will land.

He has very clearly shown me that the CIA will be destroyed. How that looks toward the individuals within, I don’t know. I am sure there are many who God views as innocent mixed in with the nightmare. That is in His hands. How will this justice leading us into a new era fall upon so called ‘Royal’ circles? First and foremost, full disclosure that they may endure the exposure. Beyond that I believe it is in God’s hands and also their own people.

One thing is for sure for the American people, we can no longer tolerate a corrupt government ran by traitors. The number one thing to implement as a weapon against corruption will be to shift the focus of the IRS to monitor the government rather than the people. They should be balancing the budget and the people should be able to have greater control over how the taxes are used. No more slush funds to cover sexual harassment. No more laundering of mass amounts of money through so called foreign aide and honorable causes.

The European “royals” and the Saudi “royals” have plenty to rebuild their side of the planet several times over. There is no reason for us to be sending billions upon billions of dollars over there every year that don’t really help any, but are laundered into deep pockets —even back here to many in the US. We need to begin to focus on the America’s and building an incredible landscape of innovation and design –a marketplace that is thriving and a place of incredible opportunity. We need to focus on rehabilitation of those in prisons, the eradication of drugs and healing of those who’ve become addicted. We need to focus on eradicating homelessness and ending the housing crises.

It is time to take down giants. When you go to the supermarket and someone yanks the last bottle from your hand, or steals your parking space —turn the other cheek. Allow them the grace they need to get through their bad day or bad behavior. When considering those who embark on a campaign to injure, harm, abuse, murder, devastate, and oppress —then it is now time to take the giant down no matter how severe the blow to get it done.

Taking down giants that terrorize the land has nothing to do with the errors of collective guilt. This is about ending terror and protecting the innocent. It is not about harming more innocent people. This is about aim. It is about looking the problem head on and taking it down without harming those who are not responsible in the least for what they all have done.

We are fighting for freedom. This is war. Make no mistake, even in light of mercy, there is a time of reaping what you’ve sown. God is not mocked. Justice will always have it’s day —yes even under a God who loves mercy and is long suffering towards us.

Reparations are due, consequences are warranted.