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You are a menace to society. You are a plague to the nations.

We can no longer tolerate the deep state satanic cabal that is a shadow gov’t undermining this country. We do not need high taxes for our very own failed socialist experiment in the history books. Though we are told we are a capitalistic society, and we are in many ways, we are actually under a tax slavery system that is a socialist construct. It is capitalism because big powers are capitalizing on your ignorance and laundering the wealth of this country to double billionaire pockets. We do not need a 70% tax further pushing down all while elevating the 1% and creating a gap that is virtually impossible to advance across. It is a thing that America would have never agreed to, so it has gone on under our noses. However, with the great unthinking masses, along with the brainwashing by the media and Hollywood, it appears it is doable. The deep state satanic dems that work for special interests and foreign hostile powers have subjected us to socialism through tax slavery and the funneling of mass amounts of money –billions upon billions every year under the guise of charity, foreign aid, and so called honorable causes. What we have is the illusion of a free country and capitalism while in reality we are slowly transforming into our own medieval horror show thanks to the political bands to the royal elite sucking this country dry and thanks to the sold out puppets guilty of the highest treason against the entire country. They are traitors. You have a right to pay taxes. You have a right to pay taxes, a small portion by all that comes together as a large amount that builds communities, cares for those hitting barriers, bolsters a flourishing marketplace of innovation and small business, creates an incredible landscape of art, architecture, and nature. We have this horrific deep state with a fake store front of a gov’t that cares. They do not. It is a fake store front. They inoculate communities with drugs, create drug lords, get a piece of the pie, while causing suffering and death, all for profit and a sick population control agenda. They do all these things while talking about strategies to overcome addictions in the country. It is a joke. They are a joke. It is a circus. It is a sick absurd joke. It is nothing but a fake store front. It is divide and conquer party politics that were created to ensure a smokescreen and to keep the country distracted and fighting while the money goes out. These are the same people who stood by and DID NOTHING while man made engineered hurricanes, fires and quakes murdered and devastated you. Understand who they are. It is not a government by the people, for the people, and it certainly is not of the people. They are traitors and it is treason. America, of all nations, should not be experiencing a housing crisis, or an epidemic of homelessness. It is long overdue that these traitors be yanked out of office. Destroy the warmongering CIA, the child trafficking FBI, shift the focus of the IRS to monitor the government, and swallow your goddamn fucking stupid party pride that ignores the horror just so you can root for an illusion.