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Kingdom living seeks the highest good of all, and secular politics MUST seek the highest good of their own –no matter the country. We must, as communities, countries, and a planetary community, overthrow powers designed to oppress and harm.

There will be NO global hidden governing group that seeks to undermine the sovereignty of countries, prime countries for war, or engages in global tax slavery, world domination through wag the dog antics, or a sick population control agenda.

These are the last days of a base spirit in a one dimensional plane. The natural realm will expand in proportion to the Supernatural. The laws of physics were written after the fact, the soil subjected to futility and a curse, and they are an ordinance to be broken and rewritten to align with the higher realm. It is the end of the first order and it will be just as it is written that all things of this first order will pass away. The last days are as a front runner paving the way for the new and everlasting age of immortals.