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Several years ago I began a very unique walk with God when He pulled my spirit out of my body and up to the outer edges of the Heavenly Realm. There is where I saw and heard the language scrolling through the clouds. It is a walk through symbolic images, the language of Heaven.

Amethyst: ἀμέθυστος — Not drunk.

As you know, my most favorite thing to do is to spend some time in the rock store with Holy Spirit and play with imagery and Spirit messages. The other day I was looking around and around. I love looking at rocks and crystals and imagining the mind of my Creator, considering the things of His imagination and how His divine signature is upon everything. Nothing was drawing me in for a closer look. Then as I was looking down at a shelf my mind was powerfully drawn up and again like a double take. I was powerfully drawn by the Spirit to a purple obelisk. I was not sure if this obelisk was out of purple fluorite, or amethyst. I was told it was amethyst. It has a very interesting nature pattern in it. This felt so strange to me. I have been wondering if I would be drawn to a pyramid shaped crystal eventually since I see so many in visions. I am very drawn to green fluorite, and though I think amethyst is absolutely gorgeous, I typically am not drawn to it. So, I could not wait to find out why God was giving me this particular Spirit message. It came a day after seeing the vision of me painted like one on the Day of the Dead. I was intrigued to say the least.

So focused on pyramids for so long now, now looking at an obelisk. It does have a pyramid shape at the top though historically it is my understanding they are usually monolithic and comprised of one solid stone. According to John Steele Gordon the ancient Egyptians placed pairs of obelisks at the entrances of their temples and were associated with the Egyptian sun god, and perhaps represented rays of light. Pharaoh Hatshepsut had inscribed at the base of one of her obelisks: “without seam, without joining together.”

It is written that the fall of mankind and the state of the Woman, or the Bride of Christ, is that of being drunk on the maddening wine of Her adulteries. This is all about partaking of judgement, a self judgement, that allowed fear to govern, and subsequently birthing law. The fruits of the forbidden tree of thought are self judgement, fear, and law. Out of these are judgement of others, hate, murder and chaos.

It will be a Bride that is not drunk on judgement that will be as one flesh with the Sun of God and the full embodiment of the presence of the Spirit without being consumed. It certainly is a monumental time that is upon us. It will be great power and dominion here. It is representing my heart being purified of self judgement and fear to no longer produce the fruits of it, the time of entering into His realm, the time of full knowledge and understanding of the Heavenly language of symbols, a time of joining the Spirit to the flesh and marriage to another Realm. To become One is to be without seam. It is a flesh of a different nature.

It will be a time of great power and nobility will rest upon mankind, and not in any lesser illusion of class or man made systems that are a false representation that serves darkness.