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Do you want to know what I thought about all day long? I could not stop thinking about it.

Last night while I was going to sleep I prayed asking that I might be shown the ancient days before the fall of mankind when God visited here. I sometimes imagine what it must have been like –a planet without fear, without judgement, no religion, no war. Only love, and this love and freedom was the medium for a magic that is a supernatural existence. It is what comes with Presence. His Presence is His Spirit.

So, I asked repeatedly while going to sleep and I had been asking all day, “Show me these ancient days. It would be easy for you to play a scene in my mind and let me see it as real time before me, a reel of the past that is stored in Your mind. What was it really like?”

I fell asleep with a vision put in my mind. Again, it was the background of the night sky full of distant stars. Then a drawn triangle appeared. This time it was God inside. And again, He depicted Himself as a type of Gandalf in a robe and hat all covered with drawn stars. He was all squeezed in there and filled up the entire area within the triangle. He looked like a wizard.

The ancient days before the fall, when God walked here and we cultivated a Paradise, looked like magic.

He has shown me this process I’ve been going through and more and more I understand it a bit better. Just like the various different triangles that represented me, one with a small dirt like clump in the middle. Then one as clear as glass. Then another with me inside. It is a sacred place that is pure. It is a purification process that is what I call Spirit work. It is the process of becoming a new creature –the old is done away with. We wax and we wane until the moon is under foot and we are crowned with the stars. This sacred place is where He resides. It is the doorway to the Universe.

He cannot come into full view through the veil of various religions whether they be from the old dispensation or the new after the cross. It is torn in two. It is time to actually pull it open. But pulling it back will not mean yet another dispensation, but a new age with all things of the first order gone.

The purest place is not a place of perfection. It is the place without fear. There is no self judgement. This is the sacred place where the Ancient of Days resides. It is the purest place. It is Holy Ground where your travels are removed when taking off your shoes. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, because you see Him clearly as pure light that looks beyond what really is not a part of you to see you in your fullest accepted being.

We are healed in this place. We are fighting a great war in the subconscious mind, and at that level most go their entire life unaware of it. So many host the parasites of a dark realm rather than hosting the presence of heaven.

I know it is not much longer before my encounter. The right to enter in and visit a place that is beyond imagination, because I died in the flesh? No, because I died to it. That is the good fight, to come against self that you might stop warring with self. It is peace. Without self judgement a little child learns not to hit. Isn’t that so? Such is the Kingdom of Heaven. We are relational. Correction without judgement that honors all is key.

All day I thought of this vision of God in the triangle in the night sky. I thought of the recent vision of me as Smurfette heading into a magical forest. I cannot wait to see things unimaginable and to do things beyond the laws of physics. Haven’t I already begun that though? I cannot wait to speak things once deemed unspeakable. No longer any law we are set free and we are saved from what enslaves mankind –that is: fear.

During the night I was given another dream. Again I was at the holding place of my childhood. It was night. I began to walk down the road and I turned to see a vicious dog running towards me. I began to try and run around it and dodge it. I thought to myself that I would run back to that childhood house and be safe inside. As I ran, I passed a Christian lady from a past church. She spoke a word that was of fear and it was demonic. She was demonic and it was reveled to me that most in the Kingdom are. They walk in fear and they are used to keep others from advancing.

I kept running in this dark night and back to the house. When I got to the door the dog got a hold of the side of my leg, at my hip. He pulled me down and the pain of him clamping down was excruciating. I physically felt it in the dream. At that moment I looked up at the night sky that was fully of stars. I began to see what looked like one star moving to another. I started noticing this all over, what looked like stars moving about. Then lines began to be drawn between the stars like connecting the dots. Once these lines formed then the spaces between, like if they were a continuous pathway, filled in and flashed.

This dream was God revealing to me this great spiritual war and how out there in the outer darkness are a great many forces and they are all very concerned with what we are doing here. So many are hostile towards us and in ways that elude us they act upon our subconscious and make attempts to create constructs of fear to keep us a sleep and distracted.

Isn’t it interesting that not only the dogs came to attack, but also those of faith. Fear is the enemy. It is the number one tactic of the dark realm. It is star wars. The Kingdom is within, and also demons are. We host the parasites of the Universe, or we host the presence of Heaven.

He tells me I am going somewhere different and I have unleashed the most powerful weapon against this first order. The final move needed on earth, the revealing of the man of lawlessness. I imagine it is time for me to not to stop bullets, but understand that they really are not there.

A magical kingdom awaits. The destiny of a supernatural way of being has been granted to me.