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There are days I don’t sleep well. I’ve read that lack of sleep can have more ill effects than drunkenness. I’ve been tired for six years and at times I feel like I’ve been running on empty since the end of year one. There are days I see the spiritual arena like nonstop images in my peripheral vision while I try to focus on the life right in front of me. And there are days that start the night before with scenes of future attacks against my life, those who want to harm me. But here I am choking it down so I can put on a smiling face for all those thinking it is an acceptable thing to put anyone through this, and for all those who want to tell soldiers in a ditch under attack not to get upset at the bombs devastating their company.

“See those bombs over there? Now don’t you get upset or no one will come help you. Oh, fighting for your life and your children’s? Now don’t you dare show any emotion if there is an assassination attempt today. Don’t you dare.”

“But by all means, if you are a veteran with PTSD, do not hesitate for one minute to seek help. It is important to ask for help and to seek assistance.”

“But Lynnette, how may we criminally abuse you and withhold connection and then pull the rug out from under you when you get upset when seeing another assassination attempt? How may we act so unbecoming of the great ideals of human rights that sets this country apart? How may we emotionally torture you in any way we can?”

“And not only will it be fun to withhold connection while this civilian mom fights for her life, but let’s intentionally torment her psychologically and seek to sabotage her in any way possible, even at work. Don’t you dare get upset. Don’t you dare show any emotion if there is a murder attempt against you today, and how may we gaslight you as you are trying to focus on staying alive and focus on doing a fantastic job at work?”

Unethical. Inhumane. Cruel. Criminal. Gross Human Rights Violations.

Those who have invaded my work place in efforts to sabotage and gaslight me, I invite you to also travel to some wore torn places and heckle, gaslight, taunt, sabotage those fighting for their life and then —oh, she might be getting emotional –looks like we can’t help her for a little bit longer….

Those in charge of operations belong in prison. Many should resign.

Now don’t get upset while we are gaslighting you or we will criminally torture you psychologically for a while longer while you are fighting for your life…..

Testing, testing, this is a test… testing, testing…

You belong in prison for your willful and wanton conduct. You are unfit for office. You are unfit for uniform. Your behavior is criminal.

Unethical is not a strong enough word.