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This morning I was shown a man in what looked like an ice cave. It was like a hollow mountain of ice. I was there in the spirit. He did not act like he knew I was there looking at him. He had jet black hair. It was the blackest hair I have ever seen, long and sleek, but pulled back away from the face –only the top, the sides hanging down. He had dark eyes. His skin was very light like what we call white people. He looked so healthy and perfect. He was dressed in white and gray clothing, but it wasn’t bulky as you would imagine someone in the snow. It was tailored and trimmed, yet not formal attire.

I looked beyond him towards the side of this cave. It was not cramped, or a small opening. It was open with a high vaulted type ceiling. I guess you can call it a ceiling. The side beyond him was uneven like you would imagine an ice cave with a somewhat rippling surface that looks more nature made. The indentations cast with a bit of shadow and looking slightly more gray than stark white snow. I fixed my eyes back on him and this time noticed there was a small rectangular table in front of him that was almost waist high. Had it not been for the skinny jet black metal looking legs I would not have noticed it was even there since the white and gray table table top got lost in the white and gray background. I did not see anything on this table. He was simply standing there and looking off like he was looking into the distance.

I began to turn my head to see what he was looking at. The ice walls seemed to be getting thinner and it was getting see through like glass. The yellow of a sun was shinning through.

Then I woke.

I asked God later today, “Where is this man?” “What is he looking at?” “Why did you show him to me?”

Then I asked again, “Where is he, is he here on this planet?”

Then God showed me a vision and it was God’s hand writing on a paper:

“Not from here.”

I am so curious why I saw this man and what planet he is on. Perhaps it is like others and God is showing me all the various places I will get to go. This man was beautiful and very well put together. It is clear to me that this is a place that is advanced.