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It is very important for this country to understand what has happened. And what has been happening for so long under our noses. God has repeatedly shown me in a vision His desire for the CIA to be shattered, and shown me the FBI trafficking little children to pedophiles. We must take this country back and relieve it from the grips of corruption. It is so important to understand the fake store front. Accountability is the platform for change, not pretending the building is not on fire. We can no longer tolerate those who are sold out. We can no longer tolerate a hidden shadow government undermining this country, and we can no longer tolerate such things as provocateurs being sent to cause tensions and civil unrest, priming countries for war just to turn around and put on a fake show that we will not stand for the things that the hidden government is responsible for. Admitting we have a problem and facing it head on is the most patriotic and right thing to do, not seek to put on a show and pretend the problems are not there out of pride and the desire to cover up corruption in the interest of global powers. I want you to understand who they are and how fake their show is that they put on. When this all started, me seeing visions of terror and atrocities, crimes, in order to beat the clock and prevent them, it was probably the most overwhelming emotional thing I could have ever begin to walk through. There were times that I would daily beg for just one person to talk to, I begged for someone, anyone, I begged to be put into a witness protection program –and these people in our government intentionally withheld connection with the desire to psychologically torture, manipulate, control, and ultimately leave me exposed so I would not see the bullet coming and be taken out. What kind of government would want to destroy someone for intercepting terror –The government of the United States of America, that’s who. They are the terrorists. They are the cabal. They are traitors. They are warmongers. They put out statuses and articles on how much they care, how important support for veterans and soldiers are due to the emotional toil it can take, they blast things out in a self righteous facade about how they will not stand for human rights abuse, all the while intentionally withholding connection from a civilian mom and intentionally using my life as bait –recklessly endangering my life and countless lives around me. Understand how phony and how fake the store front is. I begged for help, for support, to be taken to a witness protection program, for just one person to talk to— begged for years to the point of a suicidal breakdown. They were content to watch me suffer and die and inflict upon me psychological torture by putting me through life and death situations thinking it was funny to see how long I would make it before not seeing the thing that would do me in. And they loved every minute of it. They loved it. They thought it was such a fun and sick game. Understand, that it is attempted murder for 6 years and cruel torture, gross human rights violations, willful and wanton conduct, criminal negligence…. Understand what has happened, who they are, and the impact on the freedoms that America is supposed to stand for. Unethical and inhumane are not strong enough words. It is criminal to say the least. Understand they care nothing about you, and nothing about anyone anywhere. It is a fake store front for wag the dog politics and warmongers that profit off of atrocities and war and yes, even storms. These same people spouting off on how they will not stand for anyone violating human rights are the same ones priming countries for war for profit, the same ones who have willingly used me in a very sick game of being used as bait, endangering countless lives around me. These same ones spouting off on how they will not stand for human rights violations are the same ones who worked for a government that stood idly by and watched their own and others be pummeled by man made hurricanes by a royal storm boat, did nothing, and have sought to cover it all up to protect the interests of foreign hostile powers. Understand who they are. Understand what this government has become.