Do you remember these gorgeous green pinecones I collected on my walks during my break time at work? Look at them now….

There was this day I started hearing cracking and popping, and I realized it was the pinecones opening up. So neat.

On the other side of my desk I have my Peperomia Red Margin plant –the one I got for my Birthday in October. So far I think it is pretty happy where it is at. Seems to be going strong.

My thoughts are to create this little magical spot, the best I can. I have this tiny little bowl full of frankincense pieces holding up feathers I’ve collected on walks. It all is a prayer and an intention before the throne and the Universe. My thoughts and intentions are focused on a time I’ve seen that is ahead. I am very much striving on being present, but I am also looking towards a time of magic. I want more than anything to express my contentment for the now as it is. I also want to look forward to a time of tremendous power. It is not power that most think of here. It is a supernatural power that is from a heavenly source that has nothing to do with being above others or oppression. It is a different kind of power. It is the kind of power that governs the elements and calls things forth from nothing. It is the kind of power that is magical. It is more that the dreams and visions that I have been receiving from God. It is the vision of the supernatural pinecones that sparkled and shimmered. Nature is nourishing. There is a message in everything. We are a conversation. I want you to understand that I will be given a magical forest, and an ability to create nature. This is our Christ Quantum Magic and we witnessed a small sampling of it manifested through Him even under the constraints of law and how law limits the Spirit. Remember that in days long ago God refused to fully depart, but law was hostility that caused the Spirit to recede. Even still, men carried it in the arc of the covenant. But the debt was unpaid and the hostility of law caused sin to prevail. Because of this the Spirit was something that could not co-exist with us –even in a box. If anyone touched it instead of using the poles, they would die. But now we have been brought nigh to the Spirit by the blood of Christ. He reconciled everything in Heaven and on Earth. The Spirit is at peace with us. We can safely enter a time of being clothed with immortality and will not die in the presence of the power of the Spirit fully embodied within us.

Creating a space, wherever you are at, home or office, take the time to be intentional. It is not a decorating contest. It is not about decor. It is about a message that speaks to your soul. That might include a rusty old thing that you played with as a child that your favorite Grandma gave you. It might be a wrapper with a message written on it from a road trip. Perhaps it is plants and rocks. The point for me is to be surrounded with the message that has been written on my heart for so long –a supernatural time of magic.

“Honor yourself. Honor the Man or Woman that you are. Take the risk to express your Dream. Taking action is about living fully and expressing what you are.”

–Don Miguel Ruiz

Remember, first we judge ours self and then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder. If we are content with our self, then we will have the ability to let others be as well.