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This has been going on since 2013. That should tell you the depths of corruption and how inept our government is –looking the other way as foreign hostile powers murder and devastate, protecting them while they harm us. All this time withholding connection from me –it is extraordinary times to say the least and our government is full of traitors. It is treason.

This morning I was given a vision of outer space. There in the scene the words “Star Wars” appeared and a fire ball went across the sky. Then I was shown something that looked like gray satellite images with darker gray lines and it zoomed in closer and closer, but I could not tell where it was looking at. Then It was like I was looking at Trump and I said, “this is all your fault.” He then agreed.

It is time to look at our government with open eyes. It is not a government of democrats or republicans. That is what they want you to believe. Party pride is a mind control, wag the dog, divide and conquer, keep them distracted weapon for the deep state cabal. It is a fake store front for a corrupt entity that is a criminal organization that serves foreign hostile powers, global powers, and a very sick group of elites. It is all about laundering tax dollars under the guise of foreign aid and so called charities and honorable causes.

It is extraordinary times, and we need extraordinary thinkers and true leaders that are of integrity that will uphold freedom, not harm.