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I received visions all through the night. There were so many. I saw many scenes that went together to tell a story. I saw many bits and pieces that felt random and I am unsure about. I even had a time of walking through a scene that was a construct of thoughts and there were so many there. I observed. There was one vision that stood out to me more than others. I was looking up at a platform that was taller than me. It was like wind was blowing all around and not like a wind coming in from a specific direction. It was all over, the wind blowing and it felt like sand was in it. You know that sand color of stones that makes you think of pyramids? It was that color –everything, the wind, the platform. There I was standing in this crazy wind and with both my arms straight up. I had in my hands a stone larger than I could ever lift. It was a huge stone and it was ornate with carvings on a border at the top that stuck out farther than the rest of the stone. It was like you would imagine a molding, but all one piece, not something stuck to the larger piece. In this crazy storm of wind and sand that felt like stone, I pushed through it and slammed this stone in place. It completed the platform and a large pyramid was coming down to sit on it.

Thinking about this my mind goes to the vision when I saw myself in the future on a different planet and visiting the town of Elvenhood. Remember? I looked back at where I entered their atmosphere and there was a triangle outline of fire in the sky.

All I can think of and ask for right now is the understanding to know exactly what a countdown from three would mean in our time.