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Do not ever expect submissiveness unless it suits the intimate moment to my benefit. Destiny will always take precedent. There is no man that will govern me, save Christ alone. That belongs to Christ and I will not be limited by any one’s inferiority complex that can’t handle moves I make or the truth of the sexes. It is joint submissiveness to Christ and giving preference to one another. It is giving each other a place of honor above all else. It is not the illusion created by ignorant men unable to read the ancient texts correctly.

Remember ladies, It is the image of Christ, the Head of the Church, that is over the Woman, the Bride of Christ that consists of both men and women. It is not the image of an earthly man attempting to rule over his earthly woman. In attempting to rule over her, he does strike at the heel of Christ by not keeping his allotted station in submissiveness to His rule.

Don’t expect me to play small so you can feel like you have a big dick.