Now for the best part of the day. That is: quiet time with soft music and reading. Sometimes reading for me is getting hooked on one sentence and thinking about it for days, or writing about it. I’ve never been one to sit and read a book in two hours. I dissect it. I use it to lead me in thought and debate. I consider it. These are the current books of choice. My most favorite part of the day is closing my eyes and drifting to sleep in prayer and meditation with fragrance. I ask every night to travel the Universe and to see things I lack the imagination to ask for.

“Christ was the fulfilling of the law. From him we should learn how to understand this thought, for he was the explanation. Only when the explanation is what it explains, when the one who explains is that which is explained, when the explanation is the transfiguration, only then is there the right relationship.”


With every book, no matter the year written and even of the Biblical script, we must read with the understanding that the Ultimate and Highest truth has yet to be attained by any. So, we read with the intent to discover the roads taken that we may forge ahead in a direction that none have yet to go. There is where we will find the immortal beloved and a place of discovery that is the evolution of self. It is a place to be reborn into a new and everlasting attire that is clothed in the Spirit. It is a way that has yet to be known for the man image of God –yes, not even in Christ, the Son of God. He died that we may live. The depths of mystery holds the key to immortality in the flesh. This is where we are going and we are going to walk through a door never before opened on this planet.

Use one-tenth of the power which is granted to you, use it to the utmost; then turn your back to God and compare yourself with other men –and in a very short time you will be an alien among men.”


If I read of things that are of mankind, human, then I get to know this terrestrial plane and expand in proportion to it. If I read of angelic thoughts, I am not much higher but in play with other created beings who are limited. But if I read of things that were spoken by the Spirit of God, then I am embarking on an evolution and a frequency that is incomparable to any other.

Even angels long to know.

Yet God chooses to reveal mystery through mankind.