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  • Political agenda can NEVER be placed above national security. Any politician that does so is NOT FIT FOR LEADERSHIP.
  • Politicians who serve and protect foreign hostile powers rather than serving and protecting the people that employ them are guilty of the highest treason against the entire country.
  • Politicians should NEVER be in charge of the nation’s money or balancing the budget —NEVER.
  • Shift the focus of the IRS from monitoring the people and working for the corrupt government, to working for the people and monitoring the government, in charge of balancing the budget, and ending the reason corruption has taken over our government, putting politicians back in their place as hired help serving the people and country.
  • End classification of information. Classified information is a fancy way of saying “We are acting criminally and need to hide our treason against the people.” The people have a right to know —ALWAYS. What successful business model ever entails employees acting against the interests of the employer, or employees hiding information from those that employ them?