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It is an interesting thing to glimpse true power. On this plane we see the first order and how a system has been created on lesser powers that are only effective in illusion and fear. Mankind tends to equate power to money. What we are witnessing now is a shift in power. We are going to begin to see power manifesting from Source, and not simply the power that comes from earthly perceptions. Most would consider one powerless if they don’t have a lot of money. But aren’t we already seeing what is contrary to that? We sure are. The Son of God will work His Kingdom as He desires and we are entering a time of manifestation.

We are going to see an other worldly power here on this terrestrial plane. It is the last days of the first order. We will begin to see many different things begin to occur as we transition out of it and into the new and everlasting age of Heaven on Earth. It will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. It will be a new way and the Spirit Bride will rule and have dominion over all.