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If you’re in it just for the uniform, go home. You signed up to defend the country. That means, let me spell it out for you, you don’t sit idly by and watch foreign hostile powers cause destruction, devastate civilians, launder mass amounts of money–billions upon billions of tax dollars every year that is intended to flow back into the landscape and communities, schools, small business —it means you don’t sit idly by and watch foreign hostile powers along with traitors here murder civilians in order to wag the dog, sway the stock market, instigate war for profit, population control —it means you don’t sit idly by and watch weather modification pummel your country and people. It means you don’t look the other way when you see traitor politicians harming the country and the people –and that means even putting harmful things in the water. Defend your country. Protect and serve. There is evidence to act upon and there needs to be military tribunals.

It is acts of war.

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Soldiers don’t play games with the lives they signed up to protect. They don’t. They don’t wink at a threat to national security and let it continue on. A few good men? I can’t see any. I see a bunch that is without honor and have willingly shirked their duty in order to willfully and recklessly endanger the lives they should be protecting. What does our future security look like? It looks like men and women of honor who refuse to let any civilian Mom and her kids be used as bait and hunted. It looks like people of honor and code who refuse to abuse power and refuse to withhold connection in order to play games with the lives they are intended to protect and serve. Our future security looks nothing like it does now –a bunch of so called soldiers aiding and abetting a very clear and present danger while they protect sold out traitor politicians.

You are without excuse and you are the greatest disappointment, far greater than any other.

Who am I? A civilian Mom of three. I am understanding more clearly who I am. I am someone who cannot stop until it is finished. I keep thinking about when my son was very young. It was before I had my girls. He was probably about 18 months or so. He loved trains. He did everything as fast as he could including walking. He actually bypassed walking and started running at 8 months. He would put the track pieces down and form a continuous track that would go around. Then he would put the trains that magnetized to each other on the track. Then he would position himself so he could grab the engine in the front and begin to pull it around. If it did not go around without some of the back cars falling off, he would throw himself back and have a toddler fit. It was more like a toddler rage. Then he would tear it up and rebuild the track and try it again. I had never seen anything like it. This was not learned from his environment. He had not spent time with other kids and observed this. It was something in him that wanted it to be just as he could imagine it. Perhaps he got a bit of my 7q11.

Several days ago I was given a vision of myself and a train coming at me. I reached out my fist and ran it through. Not only did I stop it, I destroyed it, every car. Perhaps God is trying to tell me a lot with this vision.

It’s a sad day when a civilian Mom has to tell soldiers how to act. You don’t have the right to pick and choose who you serve, soldiers or government. You don’t have the right to be biased. Much like a doctor, you are not allowed to hold prejudice. Understand that what has taken place is unacceptable. It is criminal. It is a matter of national security. It is gross human rights violations.

Every day you choose NOT to act is a day you fail to fulfill your duty. Every day you choose NOT to act is a day you endanger the lives you are meant to protect and endanger the freedoms of all. If you can’t handle being told, then you should never have become a soldier.

Soldiers don’t endanger the lives they are to be protecting. They don’t play games with national security. They don’t look the other way when their country is being attacked. So, I have to ask, who are you? I know who I am. I am a civilian Mom of three that has laid down her life for God and country, and not even just that but for the entire world. The real question is, why do you think that is a thing to punish? It is a disgrace and it is a blemish to the history of this nation.

Understand that I cannot stop. It is not a choice that is in me. Perhaps those who are soldiers can relate to that to some degree. So, here I am –NOT a trained soldier, and without connection, or support of any kind, fighting for my life, my loved ones lives, lives all over the world and fighting a war that you could not see. Your response to that? Let’s fuck with her mind and with her life and who cares about all the lives that are endangered around her.

It makes me sick. I don’t play games with people’s lives and I don’t think national security is a thing to take lightly. Where is your integrity? Has there been any of you standing up and saying that this is wrong? What kind of a person is it that would do this to a civilian Mom? It is a disgrace. It is wrong. It is unethical. It is criminal. It is gross human rights violations.

And you are not soldiers to do nothing and enable such things to happen. You were instituted to prevent such things from happening. New guards for our future security? They look nothing like this.

No true and honorable Commander in Chief would ever allow this to go on, not for one minute. You are a disgrace and you are without integrity.