1. pointlessness or uselessness.”the horror and futility of war”

I understand you are dense –dull, lacking in sense. This is why you have to launder money through the corrupt government rather than relying on your wits and creativity to earn a living. But this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. How many times do I have to tell you that it is pointless to threaten me? On and on with the threats, again and again, over and over. I can’t dumb it down for you any further:

I —-wuh wuh wuh will —-nnnnot —sttttop.

Attention Global Powers: This just in —

Lynnette will not stop.

Let there be endless return for the creative. The money laundering of mass amounts of billions upon billions every year is not capitalism though you are capitalizing on the corruption that has overtaken our government. I have no desire to take what you have already stolen. You have enough for a thousand lifetimes. But it is going to end. It is time to retire. You have plenty to retire and be wealthy as we transition this country back to the intended purpose of taxation.

A society has the right to pay taxes and form a government and a system that sustains itself and builds itself.

Taxation is not supposed to be a way of getting rich for the corrupt. It is not supposed to be a way of doubling the bank accounts of those with perceived titles. Tax slavery is not capitalism and what we have now is a socialist construct under the guise of capitalism –hence the astronomical deficit. It is a system that Americans would not tolerate and this is why the crafty developed a way to do it in a sneaky way.

  • Keep them all fighting –a divide and conquer political arena, distraction and party pride that cannot acknowledge the wrong of their own party is key.
  • Groom politicians long before they are in office in order to serve the hidden group. Lots of money to be had by those who sell out their country.
  • Keep the political arena very hostile and use bully tactics to promote brainwashing of the masses and no better way to do this than with Oh so cool Hollywood telling us what is cool and how we should funnel billions upon billions every year to this so called honorable cause or that one. We don’t need to send a trillion dollars over the next five years to Lord Rothschild in order to end climate change. Spoiler Alert: climate change has been happening for a very long long time —evidence of it in the layers of earth. We call them things like an “ice age”, etc. We can no more end climate change or solar seasons than we can end planetary seasons like winter or spring –well, that is unless maybe you have a Royal Storm Boat that creates hurricanes to murder people or satellites to cause other mayhem, and even giant drills to cause earthquakes –but I digress. Sending billions every year to the rich for fake causes rather than enriching our country and communities is absurd. The focus needs to be on local efforts for greener living. The real climate change we need is to send a bomb to the Royal Storm Boat and blow it to bits, along with the other modes of terror. Yes, even the lasers that cause our “seasonal” fires. It turns out there isn’t an ounce of nobility in noble blood. Noble:

having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.”the promotion of human rights was a noble aspiration”

  • Suicide anyone that gets in the way. And if that doesn’t work then it is time to finally nuke the entire west coast to get rid of the woman who won’t die. Woops that didn’t work either.

Taxation is a right. It is a design for a society to provide for itself. We don’t need our own failed socialism experiment. We don’t need a 70% tax that is really designed to further push down the masses while further elevating the 1% rich. We don’t need socialism. That is what we have now going on beneath our noses. We need a flourishing capitalistic society that encourages the creative, bolsters the economy with small business, and creates a steady return of taxes to communities. Taxation is to form, support and sustain a governing body that will see to the building of our society and create a business model that is a thriving fountain, not a funnel draining the entire country into the pockets of foreign hostile powers. We have the right to pay a reasonable tax that will pave our roads, keep our lights on, keep our water CLEAN AND HEALTHY, build our schools and not only build them but pay for an education that is more skill and arts based that will enrich our children and enrich our society. But we are tax slaves that are working to double the bank accounts of the criminal rich. Instead of incredibly beautiful landscapes of nature and of architecture, we have a crumbling landscape so the billionaire thieves can double their billions —-it is money laundering and our entire nation is paying the price, whether it be cities in disrepair, poverty stricken areas that cannot get out of the conditions, a never seen before epidemic of homelessness, and a housing crisis that is a tremendous problem. But hey, who cares, right? The billionaires get to double their billions. It is tax slavery and it is money laundering, and those politicians that have sold out to foreign hostile powers are traitors to the nation and guilty of the highest treason.

Wake up.

We need to shift the purpose and focus of the IRS to work FOR the people and to monitor the government, rather than working for a corrupt government monitoring the people. We need a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. We need an IRS that will monitor all taxes and control the government spending.

Balancing a budget and the control of the peoples money SHOULD NEVER BE IN THE HANDS OF POLITICIANS.

The IRS needs to be restructured to handle all taxes and ALL funding. In this way they will balance the budget and prevent the mass amounts of “missing” billions that seem to happen all the time, and prevent politicians from forming “slush funds” to cover their misconduct. It is the people’s money. Shifting the focus of the IRS to monitor the government rather than the people will end the corruption of politicians, because they will have no control over the money, but be exactly what they are: hired employees.

There should be a real time website where people can view all monies collected for that year and how they are being spent. They should have their own personal page where they can see their own tax dollars and at tax time they can choose percentages or flat rates to land where they choose. Perhaps a 1% is required to go to government payroll and then the rest is the desire of the individual. If you want 30% to go to local rehabilitation of run down neighborhoods, or 50% to go to local education, perhaps 10% to go to the funding of cancer research, or space travel…….. It is your money. It is your right to have a local and federal government that is building your communities. There would be tabs to view all the dollars contributed to each area of choice and a real time line item view of how those dollars are being spent.

End tax slavery that is a socialist construct for the corrupt rich.

You have the right to come together as a community and have your small portions create a larger portion to the betterment of all. This is not the idea of tax slavery. This is the idea of a business model that builds societies. You have the right to have incredible schools for your children. We have the right to eradicate homelessness and have a bolstering society of creativity and advanced innovation and design. Our world is being ran by a bunch of crooks. It is time to fight back.

Again: The more you threaten me the louder I will get. Perhaps you should rethink your strategy. Clearly it has backfired on you and will continue to do so until you find yourself wishing you had taken door number 1 when you had the chance.