Happy thanksgiving, everyone. Today I can’t help but hear the audio replay of what I heard several days ago. “We are going to hang everything you love in Thai.” I can’t help but hear it today. I am thankful it was intercepted and people are safe. I can’t help but wonder whose voice that is and I ask to be given names by Heaven that I might pick each one off. I can’t help but wonder who they will try to harm next to send me a message and I can’t help but think about how all this could be stopped and hindered greatly with exposure. If only my government was honorable and chose to act, so many would be saved from harm and so many things would be stopped from happening. The failure to act publicly in order to begin snuffing it out and saving so many is proof they are not only incompetent as leaders, but guilty of treason, traitors against the nation to harbor a very clear and present danger to us and everyone else.

Who is this voice God allowed me to hear? My prayer is to find you out and to bind you for good.

Today I will not be choking down dry turkey, but this anger towards a government full of traitors. Expressing gratitude is so important, isn’t it? Today, like every other day, I am thankful that I haven’t yet been murdered by my government. I am thankful that the intentional emotional torture of withholding connection hasn’t yet placed me back in a suicidal state of mind, though I pray the Son of God would return daily and just take us away. I am also thankful that during these extraordinary years of being horrifically and criminally used as bait that all those I love are still living. I am also thankful for all the times these depraved deep state mass serial murderers have been unsuccessful in harming others since they cannot yet get to me. I am so thankful for the times that their actions have been intercepted. But I am also so sorrowful for those that have been harmed and murdered. I pray that God would reveal every attempt to me. Each and every death did not have to happen. It is a direct result of our corrupt and inept government failing to act appropriately to a present danger. The blood is on their hands.

Happy Thanksgiving!