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A woman crowned with the stars of the great expanse, the moon and death beneath her feet, is a woman who is granted the right to colonize. It is the sweetness of life that is produced when freedom and peace reigns.

We are getting to know the Higher Realm and how they speak to us. We are understanding fully our path to evolution that we may return to a time of interaction.

It is a magical place.

We train our senses to grow stronger in the war, one that I have been amazed at and is going on continually around us. This is so important to our evolution: A Universal Code — it is the code to Freedom and in this code Peace prevails. I can speak it to you in parables, or preach to you a Golden Rule, but I am going to speak a moral code that passes the barriers that one puts up when confronted with a system of hostility. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We can look at beautiful things without fear and without the offense of law tagging along.

You have the right to be.

I can appeal to your senses and a moral code that is written upon the Universe without trying to sell you a deed to the grave. Your right to be comes with boundaries. I have been repeating this message for quite some time, but it is relevant. Ever so relevant to this day, as so many ignore the right to let others be even to the extent of oppression and harm. Here is the code that rules the Universe:

My rights end where yours begin, and your rights end where mine begin.

It is an atmosphere of honor. It goes beyond “self” to consider the “other’. All are free to be. But none are free to step outside the bounds of freedom to be in oppression or harm against others. I am free to swing my arms around, but I am not free to do so in your space and cause you injury. In great freedom to be we do not pretend to walk in anarchy. Great freedom that allows all to be also limits all to the protection of all.

No group, whether religious, secular, or satanic, is entitled to harm. Any group that believes they are entitled to harm others is a threat to freedom and a threat to all. Here is our evolution out of a hostile planet. Here is our evolution out of war. Peace is a system of honor that first comes with an inner peace that is a soul no longer at war with its self. It is true, first we judge our self and then we hate our brother. Out of this is murder. No one who loves their self will murder another. It is a manifestation of fear. If we are not afraid to allow ourselves to be, we will also not be afraid to allow others to be.

It is a war set in the subconscious mind. There are many who are aware of this and play this against whoever they can in order to incite tensions and war. It is a deceptive game that is played by the crafty looking to control, dominate and gain power. It is a greed to gain money at the expense of lives and destruction of countries.

We need evolution on a small individual scale, and we need it also on a much bigger planetary level. The more we learn to set ourselves free within, we will also be released from any outside control that is attempting to act upon our deepest places of fear in order to pit us against each other. Many of us need to be released from programming, and we can do this. There is nothing tied up in you that I cannot undo. But understand that many do not have this programming, that is, a religious hostility to be undone. They are of a different mind that is most depraved and though they hate God and religion, they also love it. They want it to remain so they can use it for mind control and war.

Our rightful place in the Universe comes with first establishing peace. Then we will see amazing things open up in the night sky. You know, there was a prophetic word given to me almost a decade ago. It was how God was going to shake me up, and then teach me a different way to release other than exploding. An analogy of a soda can was given. Instead of popping the top and having it explode, He would open a different way of release and the flow would softly come out as if the bottom of the can had been removed.

Why has God chosen me for this? For a life of visions and me witnessing myself on a timeline perceived before its time? I believe there is nothing I’ve been put through that won’t be for my edification at some point, even if all I feel or see in it is the pain. I hold to that truth and believe at some point I will know the deepest understanding of it and will be able to look at it all from a healed place. And I will be able to tell others, “I’ve been there.”

So, I am learning more about this journey through the night sky and what is ahead. We must begin to enter our own peace within. This is His peace. From there we can begin to extinguish all attempts by those of depraved minds to deceive into war within and war without. It is the shifting of a planet. Our travel in the stars begins with peace within. We can no longer tolerate people in positions of leadership that are not leaders at all. We cannot tolerate those who sell out to war for profit or population control and disease for profit. We cannot tolerate them.

It is a system of honor and it is a moral code that rules the Universe. It is freedom. It is peace. It is the great freedom to be anything you want to be with the boundaries the prevents anarchy and chaos. You must stay in bounds. Freedom implies that you cannot hinder anyone else’s freedom. There can be no oppression. There can be no harm. It is not an atmosphere of warmongers or bullies.

Kingdom living seeks the highest good of all.

You are safe and free to be you and to pursue happiness, to pursue life. Understand that any group that believes they are entitled to harm you, is not safe from me putting it in check.

We have only seen the beginning stages of this “right to bind” upon the earth that is being given to me. Many are rising up against it, against me. The truth is I speak of a freedom that is a limitless way for the individual to expand with the Universe. The only ones who are against this are the ones who crave murder because they lack so very deeply and they do not want to give up their forbidden acts of cruelty and oppression. They are an enemy to all, those that believe freedom is a luxury for only a few. I do not seek to take away anyone’s freedom. I only seek to put those who are out of bounds in bounds for the protection of all.

This should not feel as a threat to any. But you will find those who feel it as a threat because they want to take from all.