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It is paramount to the advancement of our planet that we choose leaders that are fit. We can have leaders with incredible talents, charisma, wit, but without the element of integrity that seeks the highest good of all, then all of the talents in the world will still not make them fit for leadership.

Heaven allows for the evolution of mankind but Heaven also performs acts that are a catalyst for thought and change. In many ways they stoke the fire.

It has been difficult to watch the cloth of America wear thin to see the truth of the facade. It has been difficult to watch innocent people die because we have cheap leaders that lack the fortitude to take a stand against those that are completely sold out. Make no mistake, if they do not care about your life, they are unfit for leadership.

If they do not feel a sense of urgency in regards to protecting your life, they are not fit for leadership.

If they feel no sense of urgency in regards to your freedoms, but feel they are a thing to manipulate when it suits their agenda, they are not fit for leadership.

If they feel no sense of urgency at threats to national security, and consider political agenda a game to play at the cost of your life, not only are they not fit for leadership, they are guilty of the highest treason and belong in prison. And not only are they unfit for office, they are not fit to lead in any capacity. They are unfit for uniform or title.

A true leader would not allow the lives that employ them to be endangered for one minute. A true leader will never place political agenda above the safety of the people. Also, something to consider, if you place party politics above a moral code that is set forth by society, then you are just as guilty and just as lacking in the integrity that should be at the core of decisions made that will effect the course of society.

We don’t have leaders. We have sold out people playing politics. We do not have a government that seeks the interests of the people. We have a collection of game players and each one has their allegiance to whatever power is lining their pocket. It is a fake store front for groups playing both sides to the distraction of the nation while they funnel mass amounts of money through the guise of foreign aid and so called honorable causes, all the while initiating acts of horror and terror around the world with the global powers that are in on the war for profit and population control agenda.

If they think it is a game to play, they are a joke and not fit to lead. If they feel no sense of urgency when it comes to your life, they are unfit.