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Early this morning I was woken up by a vision of a blue sky with clouds but the clouds were in the shape of an ‘L’ then a ‘T’ with a check mark in between the two letters. It is very curious to me that He would use the initial to my maiden name? What is He telling me? I first thought to myself that maybe this is approval (check mark) for a higher way of thinking, as a very key thing has been on my mind and I alluded to that in yesterday’s post. So, I thought it was approval for where I am going in thought, but why use my maiden initials? Sometimes there is mystery in visions and you don’t fully grasp it until later. This used to make me fire breathing, floor pacing mad. But now I just rest with it. I intend to reserve that kind of energy to dig and dissect only a few things ahead, things that pertain to incredible mysteries of the Universe.