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Even on here and not social media I am still connecting and receiving the mental signature of so many and perceiving thoughts. I understand this is for my survival here. I understand it is the beginning stages of my evolution into a different and Heavenly creature. This is still a very hostile planet with many depraved people that are in a constant state of fear and lack. They walk in hatred and want to harm. They actually enjoy it. I even was shown a slideshow of memories belonging to someone here. They murdered someone a very long time ago and it has been hidden all this time. I am being shown this to explain why this person is the way they are, and so I can also avoid this person if our paths ever cross. God said He would protect me throughout all of this as I endeavor to be fully me and operational in my gifts. I am praying for wisdom to wield this gift. Please pray that I will navigate through it all with peace. Today I saw the man with the square muscles from another planet again. Do you remember when I saw him the first time and I was looking up at him from a window in the dirt?

This time we were looking at each other and in each other’s real presence. I am feeling like these I am seeing on other planets will be kindred spirits and meant for my journey.

It will be a different way of traveling and it will remain a hidden thing as this planet is dangerous to so many out there that are being protected from evil and demonic people here. I am so thankful they are still going to allow me to come.