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My aim is to create a space for thought to travel freely without feeling the toxic hostility of those who cannot entertain thoughts due to programming. Nevertheless, seeds are planted and can lay dormant and produce new life much later when least expected. We needn’t be afraid to hear something new. Even now, I am reading different thoughts by different authors. There are times I weigh the thought out and keep it. There are times I put it back because it was a thing not fully in the light. We are having our senses trained. If I did it right ( I am not computer savvy), I believe I disabled comments on here. I must press into a time of self care and protecting myself. This is not a social media where I am inundated with the flow of countless minds and left dealing with the energies that drain. This has helped me a lot to quiet the business of visions and flow of toxic minds. This is a special kind of platform that presents ideas, thoughts, visions, dreams, revelations, and for those who desire to ponder them, they are welcome. Debates are profitable to some degree and all are welcome to debate in their own minds and on their own platforms. For me, a very sensitive empath with Spirit gifts, such superhighways of social media makes me vulnerable in many ways. I seek to close all doors and let me be me. Those who desire to hear, will remain. Those who do not desire to hear, can go.

Even though I desire to present my own thoughts in debate, pondering all things, weighing them out, I do not desire to debate with others. This here is a thing to review, like a book, and then make your own conclusions from there. But this one thing I know is true, there is no opinion that can negate our experiences. We are what we are and there is no version of truth that can change it.

You be you, the world will adjust.

As you step along your journey, learn to step over others that are not meant for the trek and learn to let go of those who are weighing you down.

“Everything has a beginning, has an ending. Knowing that truth, you find peace.”


I imagine Buddha and Jesus would have been great friends discussing deeply the entire heart and Universe.

“When you try to hold onto things after their time, you suffer and make others suffer.”


I have spent far too long yelling at barking dogs along my path rather than simply singing my songs from the highest tree tops above the noise below. I have spent far too long allowing the toxic of this world and their mean spirit have an impact on me. I have spent far too long fighting for things and for people that are not meant to be on my journey. It truly is a time for new beginnings and self care. I am asking God for a time of placement. Where does He want me to be? Who is meant for the journey? I want a different time. I want a different experience. I want the flow of blessing that comes with a life that is God breathed. I am tired of the struggle with those who are content with their darkness. Where is the place? I am tired. I want a positive life. I want a shielded heart. I want a time of Godly connection that is divine and with those of purpose who live intentionally. Where can I find such a place with people of integrity and honor who are seeking a higher way of being? And how can I manage the days before that happens? What should I be doing with my life until I can dedicate my life completely to Heavenly things that don’t pay the bills? What is a good fit for me? I certainly don’t want to go from bad to worse when it comes to a work place. For now I am trying very hard to focus on the positives and those who are of integrity. I have all these questions and I am asking for reprieve from God.

Yes, I’m still asking for a time and place that will not be a toxic time and wounds upon wounds, harassment and difficulties. But one of Heavenly purpose with those pressing into the same type of heart evolution. What is my arena? Who is for the journey? What should I do in the meantime until I can fully dedicate all my time to thoughts and a Heavenly purpose?

I am tired. And I will never have any room for those who are unrepentant and think it is funny to harm others. It will never be.

I want the new –not the old. I don’t want to build upon garbage, and I want new people for my future that are those of integrity and those who are protectors of the heart.

Where should I go, Lord? Please make a way. I am tired.