We are serving a very curious God. He has been hidden, the truth veiled for so long. He is magical. It is not a magic that is something of an illusion. It is a supernatural power that is able to bring forth something from nothing. It is a basket of loaves and fishes never running out but multiplying to feed a great crowd. It is water turned into wine. He is playful. He has wanted a time of fully knowing Him for so long. Today was very heavy for me in so many ways. He is wanting to transition me to a time of playful, magical, manifestations –a time of lightheartedness. As I have said so many times before, beyond imagination is His most favorite place. So, we must remind ourselves that He is more than what we can imagine, and nothing like a darkened image of religion that was not a true depiction of Him, but only a shadow that could not translate the true picture.

He, perceiving my heart today, and hearing my prayers that have been asking for a certain thing for a long time now, called me to go to the rock store. It certainly is a time of playfulness between Him and I. We are out of the box. We are so far out of the box that we are off of this planet. Ignore the religious prudes and be open to the incredible things that could never exist in hostile systems of law. Remember, there is only One Law that governs Heaven, and it is the Law that forbids all other laws. It is the Law that forbids the fruit of judgement which is religion. It has all been a mystery. Now in full disclosure of prophecy, we can begin to know Him as He truly is, and begin to get to know this incredible realm that once interacted with us in the physical.

When I said, “Are you sure? You want me to go to the store again?” He showed a vision to me of Himself sitting before me and with a cloth over His hand indicating that He had something for me. So, I went. What is it, I thought, as I walked around inhaling that beautiful fragrance of the sage burning. I felt a pull towards this –Mystical Merlinite, or Indigo Gabbro. Right when questioning if this was why He wanted me to go to there, I saw Him again before me (both times as a type of Gandalf, as I said, He is quite playful), and this time He removed the cloth from His hand and a bird flew out towards me. Then a larger bird like a hawk came from within me and grabbed the smaller bird and devoured it. He smiled.

So, I grappled with whether or not to post about this for reasons you probably can guess. There is so much fear, it is very difficult to be truly free. Christ was accused of demonic acts when performing acts of Light. We are in a construct ruled by fear and death. The dark realm will attempt to snuff out all who become powerful in the Light and the greatest tactic to do so is to create a witch hunt and instill fear in all. This quenches the Spirit and keeps believers from a supernatural inheritance.

This stone and these visions speak so much to me. He wants to take me into a time of Spirit play. He wants to take me on a supernatural adventure. It will be one of manifestation, the kind of manifestation that brings forth something out of nothing. It will be a time of power over nature and over the elements. There will be communication with the dead. Christ had communication with both light and dark. Both are present in this stone. It will be a time of dominance over lesser spirits and a time when nature is under my control. It is a time of training.

If Christ did something, we needn’t fear doing it. And you know something? We were called to do greater things than He, for we are not under law but set free to receive fullness of the Spirit. We are going to begin a time of great supernatural power, even greater than the ancient days before the fall. When hesitating to post this, He said to me “We are doing something different.” It cannot be compared to anything else, and neither can it be snuffed out by those who misapply ancient texts in order to box people into limits. I have given Him permission to interact with me however He desires without limits and in complete openness of mind to receive the impossible. And He has given me permission to be limitless.

Prophetic vision is my most prominent gift, but other gifts are advancing as well. I have asked for a long time to have the fullness of His Spirit. With that comes every gift recorded, and many we do not yet know of.

It is time to play and it is time for me to be trained. It is time for me to see how much bigger and stronger I am over the lesser spirits. It is a time of playful fun for no other reason but to have fun. It is a time of training by the Father in things He only knows about.