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What is your motivation? What drives you? What is at the core of your character? Who is your master? Even those who don’t claim a master still serve something, even if blindly. Why do you do the things you do? Why have you chosen the path you are on? What does honor and integrity mean to you? We manifest from within, so we are a story to be read by those with insight and discernment.

I believe in process. I believe in a spiritual evolution that is for those who desire to be new creatures. I believe everyone has their own learning curve. I believe in destiny and a master plan for the Universe. I believe there is a special reward for believers, and I believe there are layers to the Heavenly Realm. I also believe you are either on the side of Light, or the side of darkness.

When I started out the only thing that I wanted was truth. This was from a very young age. Later on my motivation became a desire to go somewhere “now.” I don’t desire to simply have a grand time in the after life when my life is over. I want to enter in here in the now. This has been granted to me. It was granted with an “appointed time.” What is the cost of discipleship? Have you, speaking to believers, thought much about that?

“””For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.””” –Matthew 16:25

There is more to this verse than meets the eye. It is more than the notion of physically dying. It is also about letting go of something dear to you that may be keeping you from a real heart change, or from putting aside nature that you may rise to a new Spirit. What are you willing to lose, or put off, in order to take on Him and follow Him?

We are getting ready for a time of interaction with the Higher Realm, but that does not mean all will be able to. “””Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed””” — 1 Corinthians 15:51. Some of us will not die. Many will not be changed until after a physical death. I have been shown that there will be some granted the right to be clothed with the imperishable –immortals in the flesh.

If that were offered to you, what would you drop in the garbage right now? What would you change about your heart, your motivations? Interplanetary travel is a great destiny and a gift that is so incredible, but to be granted also the right to enter into a Kingdom that is the Higher Realm, this is something that is so far beyond space travel in terms of grandeur and adventure. We are being called out of something –this nature. It has taken me a long time to really come to terms with how depraved this world is. It was shocking to me, and still is in so many ways, just how depraved, mentally ill, corrupt and dark it is. But in finally realizing this and really knowing all that goes on, it has opened my eyes to nature and what we are being called out of. Our evolution into new creatures —Heavenly ones, and a people that would eventually reach peak evolution into immortal beings joined with the Higher Realm, is steep. It is a trek unlike any other.

God is patiently waiting for those who are called to this destiny of mine, to begin the steps needed to prime this planet for what is ahead. He is not only patiently waiting, but beginning to move in ways I am yet allowed to fully disclose. Understand that it is governed, and not very many will be allowed to travel. I also want you to understand that my time of being subject to a spiritual war is coming to an end.