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The night before last I was in and out of visions all night. I was given a long one. I say long because it was not like a snap shot. I was with a man and two women. I recognized who they were even though they were represented differently in the vision and even though I have not met them yet. I do not know why He does this at times. Maybe it is to keep me focused on other details? Or maybe it is how they look spiritually? It was like they were taking me on a road trip, on a journey. All of us were in a Grand Jeep Cherokee. We pulled off road. I did not recognize where we were. They were very busy and I felt like I was being taken care of, or smuggled out of somewhere. They were very busy and while they were going about doing things while we stopped, I was looking at the sky and I saw at a distance and up high the language I saw so many years ago when pulled up. I was fixated on it. The man came over to me and I pointed to it, but he could not see it. Then I looked forward in the sky and it opened to a great many things, objects and symbols. It was like a flooded super highway, a river of things flowing in the sky. At that moment I lifted off the ground and floated about 5 feet off the ground in the same directional flow as all of these things. He was amazed. It was like they threw me in the jeep and we took off towards a place they chose. It was like we stopped so they could look at a map, gather a few things, then we were headed to a place they found. When we got out and went into the house I floated again across the room. They could not believe it or figure out how I was doing it. Then came a dog on the scene, in the house. I knew it represented something else and I was aware of the spirit. They were so busy while I was in my own world seeing things. It was like we were on the run, but not really.

There is so much being revealed to me in this dream. The future is extraordinary. I can’t wait to tell you more.