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The gift of discernment has been given to me in such a way that I hear the world and can press into a deep knowledge of recognizing the governing spirit of another’s heart. The religious spirit is that of a snake. It is not a spirit of truth that sets free. Those of this first order do not like truth, so much so that they are willing to murder just to hold onto their illusion that is of the pride of life and lust of the flesh to walk as a god of judgement over another.

But we are different. We want to follow the One back to a place that created a paradise here, not an atmosphere that is of war and hell. Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God. No other image is born of Him.

The lesser spirits balk, but we don’t care. This is where we stop arguing with the blind because we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood. This is where we stand firm in truth and step over those under demonic influence.

It is time to understand the ancient symbolic language, but understand something. Christ came when it was at peak hostility and spoke in parables to call all those who had spiritual vision out of the first order of darkness and to begin walking in Light. I have not been called to speak in parables. I have been called to speak the clear revelation of all mystery.

It is time to encourage one another and not be distracted by the noise. Recognize the spirits for who they are. We will get deeper into the revelation of Heavenly mystery as we go and I will begin explaining in detail what is needed to be said. Remember it is the religious spirit that is against God, even though He caused it to prevail with law. And even though Christ was the Messiah that came to save all from the chains of hell –which is law, many of those who claim to be of Him are governed by nature and the desire to condemn and judge. This is Spiritual Adultery, and spiritual wickedness where? –in Heavenly places. This is the Kingdom and many collectives are a spiritual haunt.

We are in the final days before the end of this age. We are entering a time of spiritual house cleaning. We, me and Heaven, are going to do some incredible things.