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What would you do if God told you that your time in the cocoon is over? That the darkness produced in you something beautiful? This is a blog for the outcasts, the wounded, the lost, those who have eyes to see, and those who believe freedom is to die for. It is also for those who crave adventure. He has allowed me to perceive many of you that read my thoughts and you are the main reason I am on here. You are the reason I speak of my struggles, circling the same mountains over and over, my victories and this personal evolution I am going through as I am shown this planet is heading into an evolution as well.

The truth is that we love because He first loved us. We circle our mountains until we conquer them. I have asked for a time of healing and quiet for so long now. I have asked that afflictions might be lifted that I would have one less burden while fighting battles. But our Spiritual riches in Christ are not subject to circumstances. This is why He has been giving me dreams of how we walk in lack and take from others. Giving away grace is to be rich and to be rich is to be well supplied. We eat as paupers because we refuse a meal at the King’s table, not because we were not invited. At times the pain was too much to even have an appetite. He knows.

Again, I want you to know that this last week was different even though it was the same. Possibly this is the eye of the storm. No, it is not a place of pretending it is not there. It is a place of knowing it is there, but walking in the calm regardless of it. I felt so much joy and peace this week. Maybe you are still facing your mountain? Maybe one day our paths will cross and I will get to tell you all the things I’ve learned and the view I saw at the top of my own mountain? Maybe that is exactly what is happening in this blog. I want to give you hope. I want to say, if I can do it, anyone can. It is a tremendous thing to separate person from deed especially when life has already handed you so much that has weighed you down. Christ was tempted in all ways that He might become our perfect and merciful mediator. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes and you will be a different person at the end of the road.

It is those who have been called to fight that will be most attacked. I have acknowledged it a million times, yet I am blindsided by the absurdities of others and the injustice of it all. I am thankful He is changing my perspective on everything. He is teaching me to hold up my shield of faith that prevents things from hitting my heart. Isn’t it true though that even with faith to move mountains we still are subject to pain? I’ve had a long run of year after year, wound upon wound, things that I still cannot believe happened. There are times I don’t believe I will ever be healed from things that have been so damaging. Still He tells me He will heal my heart.

Kindness holds accountable while holding space for one to grow. All are welcome to grow. We learn our growth is from the warmth of the Son, not dependent on anyone else. We learn that screaming “be nice, dammit” to the storm does nothing. But we learn to step over others who want to be obstacles on our way and not meant for our journey. The truth is that in this first order there is pain.

I want rest. I want healing. I want justice. I want the amazing adventure I see ahead. It is an incredible future. He has been telling me in many different ways, and quite often over the last couple weeks that my time in the cocoon is over. What did it produce in me? I have always been an empath –very sensitive, sensitive to others energies, sensitive to the Spirit. It was not so much to produce compassion for the unworthy, though that is a part of it. It was more about casting fear out of myself. There is no other way to know perfect love. When you can look down from the cross others have put you on and feel a sense of forgiveness knowing they are in a state of fear, possibly depraved and in a state of lack –not able to pour out but only able to take, then you know you are ready to give up the ghost and be set free from what is holding you there. It is a sweet release. We can then begin to walk in the fullness of Heaven and not be moved.

He says, “Your time in the cocoon is over. Healing is here. Justice is yours.”

Maybe I will not know exactly what the darkness produced until I see the span of my wings and the intricate design He picked just for me.